Kingdom Hearts 3 'Critical Mode' arriving today

The ultra-hard mode for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be available today, with the director promising something special for this version of the series' Critical Mode.

Kingdom Hearts 3 players will receive an update to the game today, adding the series staple Critical Mode. This ultra-difficult mode has been available in the majority of games in the Kingdom Hearts series since the second game. Historically, it makes enemies deal a lot more damage. A challenge only for the Kingdom Hardcore.

The mode will be available today for no extra cost. This announcement was made via the official Kingdom Hearts twitter account, with a short message from Nomura. In it he states that this version of Critical Mode has been “changed up” since the older games in the franchise. What that means exactly is a mystery. No doubt we’ll know all the details within minutes of the new mode going live.

If you’re still on the hunt for all of the games’ lucky emblems, make sure to check out our guide on the matter. Then you’ll truly be ready for Critical Mode.

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