Nintendo Switch Online nears 10 million subscribers

With over 2.8m players trying out Tetris 99.

There are now 9.8m accounts subscribed to Nintendo Switch online, the premium online service launched last year for the Switch.

The impressive figure comes as part of Nintendo’s March Fiscal Results Briefing, and don’t take into account users on free trial periods (Family memberships which can cover up to eight accounts are included).

The Switch has sold nearly 35m units, which makes the attach rate to Nintendo Switch Online pretty impressive all round (though it’s worth noting that multiple users on the same console may have separate accounts).

As well as letting you play Nintendo Switch games in online multiplayer, subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online gives you access to a revolving selection of updated NES classics and, more recently, Tetris 99. The latter, a battle royale take on one of gaming’s great formulas, has likely proven the bigger draw, with over 2.8m players reported to have tried out Tetris 99

A recent deal with Twitch Prime has likely also served to boost numbers, giving any owners of Amazon/Twitch’s paid service the chance for a year’s free access to Nintendo Switch Online. Finally, the success of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — which recently passed 13.8m copies sold — will have provided a big draw to the online service as players take their favorite characters online to duke it out.

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