Fade to Silence is a new wintery survival game from THQ Nordic

Releases on December 14.

The Game Awards were stuffed full of surprises, including a new survival game from THQ Nordic called Fade to Silence, releasing in just over a week.

The snowbound survival adventure comes out on December 14 on Steam and will be constantly updated with an evolving story, according to developers Black Forest Games (of Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back fame, of course).

"We intend to bring Steam players consistent and meaningful content updates throughout development, layering on new areas, followers, missions, monsters, and increasingly complex social events - events that demand moral decision-making on the part of the player," said Adrian Goersch at The Game Awards last night.

Looks like all the classic survival elements are in here: crafting, cold environments, some sort of betentacled monster? Yep, all checks out.


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