How to start Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves new update

Here's how to begin the Tall Tales quests in Sea of Thieves' anniversary update.

The Tall Tales story quests are now available in Sea of Thieves, thanks to Rare's very generous anniversary update. This collection of journeys is unlike most of the others in the game as it tells a story, woefully missing from the piratey world of Sea of Thieves since its release last year. To start the Tall Tales, you'll need to find them first. We can help out with that, me hearties.

How to start Tall Tales – Shores of Gold

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Our first Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves sets sail for the Shores of Gold. You'll embark on an adventure to find The Shroudbreaker, a way to reach an island made entirely of shimmering gold! A likely story, indeed.

To begin The Shroudbreaker voyage, head to an outpost and enter the Tavern where you'll begin most play sessions. Finally, the Mysterious Stranger has something of use for you, or at least the barrel next to him does. You'll find a book on top of the barrel, a journal with details of The Shroudbreaker.

If you head over to the book you can begin the mission by hitting the button prompt "Vote For Tall Tale", you don't even have to drag it back to the captain's table first, how handy! The journal enters your map inventory, and you can turn the pages by hitting Q and E or LB and RB on the Xbox One controller.

The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale is nine voyages long, and every time you complete all the tasks associated with each voyage you'll be given the starting point for the next one.

There will be more Tall Tales added to the game in the future, and we'll help you find the starting point for each Tall Tale as they're added. For now, get out there and earn some booty now that you know how to start Tall Tales in the Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update!


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