Close To The Sun launch trailer shows off BioShock roots

Close To The Sun is out now on Epic Game Store with more than just Art Deco in common.

The greatest minds of the generation have gathered on an airship with Art Deco architecture, lifting off in search of creating the perfect new society in the skies. No, this isn't BioShock Infinite, it's Close To The Sun which is out now and has a launch trailer

Obvious similarities aside (unchecked scientific experimentation resulting in paranormal happenings as you search for clues to the whereabouts of your missing female family member and only really interact with other characters over the radio), Close To The Sun from Storm in a Teacup and Wired Productions looks like a decent atmospheric mystery game, with a few well-placed jump scares to keep you on your toes.

Here's the launch trailer, now that Close To The Sun is out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

If you're sorely missing that very specific brand of first-person environmental storytelling that Irrational and Ken Levine all but nailed over the last decade and change, then this should be the perfect indie to tide you over. For more PC releases in 2019 check out our list.

Do you like the look of Close To The Sun? Or has Andrew Ryan and his ideology soured you on Art Deco in any game of the future?

A hardened survivor of the games press, Jeremy Parish has written, edited, and podcasted for AllGamers, Retronauts, USgamer, IGN, 1UP, Electronic Gaming Monthly,, and more.

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