Valve Index VR headset 'sold out' first day of pre-orders

Valve's newest VR headset update has sold out of full bundles on its first day of ordering.

The Valve Index VR bundle is now effectively sold out on its first day of pre-orders through the Steam site.

Valve's $1,000 Index VR Full Bundle is now displaying a "Reserve Yours" button instead of "Add To Cart" on the Steam store page, and the shipping estimate has jumped to September 30, 2019 from June 28. In the UK, shipping estimates for the £919 full bundle have also increased to August 31, 2019.

The Index headset on its own is also in reserve status after just 24 hours of pre-order availability, however the headset is at least only delayed until July 31 if you reserve now.

Other items in the Valve Index VR system, including the updated controllers and base stations, are still available to pre-order with June 28 shipping estimates.

It's unclear whether the lack of availability is due to massive demand or low supply for the latest in Valve's VR ecosystem. The Index boasts a much improved stat sheet over the HTC Vive Pro, though the price point is still prohibitively high for some VR hopefuls.

We'll find out if more Valve Index VR full bundles are in production, but in the meantime pay attention to the Steam page for stock updates or simply reserve yours now to avoid disappointment and further delays. With news of the three flagship VR games Valve is working on set to be revealed soon, we might want to get our foot in the door too.


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