How to get the Spinal Figurehead in Sea of Thieves

Unlock the Spinal Figurehead, a time-limited Killer Instinct ship cosmetic for Sea of Thieves.

A special Killer Instinct-themed cosmetic has been added to Sea of Thieves called the Spinal Figurehead. If you want to show off this new bit of ship gear to your pirate pals, you’ll need to earn it outside of the game. The Spinal Figurehead is only available for a short time, so whether you’re a Killer Instinct fan or not, you should definitely grab it as soon as you can. To help you out, we’ve put this guide together on how to get the Spinal Figurehead in Sea of Thieves.

How to get the Spinal Figurehead

how to get the Spinal Figurehead in Sea of Thieves
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Fortunately it’s easy to get the Spinal Figurehead in Sea of Thieves. All you need to do is watch a full 10 Arena matches on Mixer between May 6 and May 12. Even if you prefer Twitch, you can only unlock the Spinal Figurehead by watching games on Mixer while logged in. Let’s break down those steps to be as clear as possible:

  1. Log into your Xbox Live/Microsoft account on Mixer.
  2. Click the games tab and select Sea of Thieves.
  3. Start watching the official Sea of Thieves channel.
  4. Watch 10 full Arena matches.

You don’t actually need to sit and watch the matches if you’re not interested, just make sure you leave the stream open in the background so that it records you as watching 10 matches. You can see the number of Arena matches you’ve watched in the bottom left of the stream page on PC by clicking on the LOOT button to bring up this completion bar.

How to unlock the Spinal Figurehead in Sea of Thieves
You'll need to watch matches on Mixer to score the Spinal Figurehead!

Make sure you’re watching on the same account you use to play Sea of Thieves or the games won’t count. Finally, remember that to get the Spinal Figurehead you must watch 10 Arena matches by May 12.  

The official Sea of Thieves channel will host other streamers who are playing Arena in Sea of Thieves, so you never know exactly who you’ll see when logging on, but it’s the easiest way to complete the 10 games.

Once you’ve finished watching all 10 matches, visit your personal loot page on Mixer to find the code you need to unlock the Spinal Figurehead in Sea of Thieves. Looking for more new content following the Anniversary Update? We can also help you find the Shroudbreaker and Merrick.

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