Can you play Mordhau in third person?

Tips on how to change perspective in Mordhau from first to third person.

In Mordhau, there are a wealth of different options available to you, including perspective changes from first to third person. While this is touched upon in the game’s tutorial, it can be easy to forget which button to press while in the heat of battle. Alternatively, it can be confusing to know when to use first person, and when third person is better depending on the game mode you’re in.

To help, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining how to change perspective and play Mordhau in third person!

Can You Play Mordhau in Third Person?

To play in third person, you'll want to change your perspective in Mordhau by tapping "P" on your keyboard.
To play in third person, you'll want to change your perspective in Mordhau by tapping "P" on your keyboard.
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Yes, you can play Mordhau in third person. While the default perspective setting is first person, you’re freely able to change over to third person. To do this, tap “P” on your keyboard for third person. To change back, tap “P” again to return to first person. There are no restrictions when it comes to changing your perspective in Mordhau.

If you enter Battle Royale and want to change back and forth from first to third person, you’re free to do so. Likewise, if you’re in Horde mode and want to remain in third person perspective for the entirety of the match, you’re able to do so. The choice to change from first to third person is left entirely up to you. If you find that you play better in third person, it might be smart to change to third person at the start of a match.

Alternatively, having the ability to change over to third person can be useful in certain scenarios, though you don’t have to commit to playing that way for the entire match. If you’re in Team Deathmatch and want to ensure an enemy isn’t behind you, you can switch from first to third person for added spatial awareness.

If you’re building a Ballista and want to make sure no one is creeping up on you, again, you can switch to third person before beginning your Ballista build. As long as you remember to hit “P” to change your perspective, you should have no trouble going from first person to third person in all areas of Mordhau. To visually see the difference between first person and third person in Mordhau, watch the video below courtesy of YouTube user Berzerker Clan!

Now that you know if you can play in third person in Mordhau, and how to switch perspective, we have other guides you can read through including how to equip the Frying Pan in Mordhau, how to Feint in Mordhau, and a list featuring our picks for the best weapons to use in Mordhau.

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