All PC controls in Mordhau

A full list of default PC keybindings in Mordhau.

Mordhau is currently exclusive to PC which means that new players will need to familiarize themselves with the controls. What’s more, Mordhau gives you the ability to switch your keybindings around to better suit your play style. Dislike how blocks work? Change the PC keybinding for it! For a better look at the keybindings, we’ve put together a quick overview of the PC controls in Mordhau!

All PC Controls in Mordhau

You can find a list of your PC controls and edit your keybindings by navigating to the Settings menu, then selecting the Key Bindings tab in Mordhau.
You can find a list of your PC controls and edit your keybindings by navigating to the Settings menu, then selecting the Key Bindings tab in Mordhau.
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In Mordhau, all of your actions are performed using PC controls. Note that you do have the option to use a USB game controller to play Mordhau on PC, though we personally feel you lose a lot of precision in combat when playing with a controller. By default, Mordhau is played with your mouse and keyboard. Below, we’ve listed all of the PC controls in Mordhau.

  • Move Forward - W
  • Move Backward - S
  • Move Left - A
  • Move Right - D
  • Look Up - Mouse Y 
  • Look Down - Mouse Y 
  • Turn Left - Mouse X
  • Turn Right - Mouse X
  • Spectator Fly Up - E
  • Spectator Fly Down - Q
  • Strike - Left Mouse Button
  • Jump - Space Bar
  • Sprint - Left Shift
  • Parry - Right Mouse Button 
  • Feint or Parry - None 
  • Feint - Q
  • Stab - Mouse Wheel Up
  • Crouch - Left Ctrl
  • Use - E
  • Drop - G
  • Kick - F
  • Cycle Camera  - P
  • Weapon Mode/Reload - R
  • Fire - Left Mouse Button
  • Ranged Cancel - Right Mouse Button
  • Right Strike - None
  • Right Upper Strike - Mouse Wheel Down
  • Right Lower Strike - Thumb Mouse Button
  • Left Strike - None
  • Left Upper Strike - None 
  • Left Lower Strike - None
  • Flip Attack Side - None
  • Right Stab - None
  • Left Stab - None
  • Mute Target - K
  • Battlecry - V
  • Suicide - End
  • Primary Spectator Action - Left Mouse Button
  • Secondary Spectator Action - Right Mouse Button
  • Tertiary Spectator Action - Middle Mouse Button
  • Equip Slot 1-9 - (Number Keys 1-9)
  • Holster - 0
  • Choose 1-9 - (Number Keys 1-9)
  • Vote Yes - Page Up
  • Vote No - Page Down
  • Show Scoreboard - Tab
  • Show Chat - Y
  • Show Team Chat - U
  • Show Team Select - M
  • Show Profile Select - B
  • Show Emote Menu - X
  • Show Voice Menu - C

If you dislike any of the PC controls in Mordhau, you’re able to change your keybindings as you see fit. To change your keybindings, tap the Settings wheel, then select the Key Bindings tab. On the left are your PC keybindings, on the right are your game controller keybindings. Switch your keybindings here as needed, then tap “Apply” in the lower right corner to save your changes. If you need to adjust them further, you can always return to the Key Bindings tab under your Settings menu.

Now that you know all of the PC controls in Mordhau, and how to change your keybindings, be sure to check out some of our other guides including how to equip the Frying Pan in Mordhau, our picks for the best weapons to use in Mordhau, and how to build Ballista in Mordhau.

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