PUBG Xbox One controls guide

Find out how Microsoft translated the fiddly PC sensation to console.

Securing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds as a console exclusive on Xbox One was a huge deal for Microsoft, and the platform holder is making every effort to ensure that the Game Preview Program version of PUBG nails the landing, even taking the unusual step of releasing detailed instructions and diagrams on how to control the game before it's out.

According to the official Xbox Wire blog, the PUBG console control scheme was a collaborative effort between the game's original developers, working with the Xbox Advanced Technology Group, and even The Coaliation, current developers of the Gears of War series. Between them, they "believe they've found the right balance between giving enough flexibility to survive in the hostile battleground and to effectively manage in-game equipment on the fly."

Well then. Let's take a look.

PUBG Xbox One basic controls

"Let me guess," I hear you say. "The right trigger fires my gun?" Yes yes, but there is a bit more nuance to some of the controls, so slow down a little. For example, aim mode is a toggle by default, as with the PC game, so you tap left trigger once to go into aim-down-sights and again to exit. Elsewhere, holding X will reload your weapon, but tapping it quickly will interact with an object in front of you. So in practice you'll spend a lot of time tapping it as you hoover up items. The d-pad, meanwhile, lets you mess with throwables and consumables.

PUBG Xbox One aiming controls

Once in Aim mode, the controls are primarily geared towards people who are hiding somewhere looking for opponents. LB lets you hold your breath to steady your aim, RB plus the left analogue stick lets you zoom in and out, and the d-pad lets you change fire modes.

PUBG Xbox One vehicle controls

The developers wanted to keep vehicle controls simple, so they're very similar to what you're normally find in a game like this. The one slightly unusual option for PUBG is the ability to change seat using the A button. Holding A sends you straight to the driver's seat.

PUBG Xbox One swimming controls

Fancy going for a dip? This is pretty simple too - since you can't fire your gun while swimming in PUBG, all you can do is dive, float and interact with loot.

PUBG Xbox One map controls

Making sure you're in the latest Blue Zone and avoiding Red Zones is one of the most important aspects of PUBG, so the map controls are quick and simple, allowing you to zoom in and out, move the map around, and place and remove markers.

PUBG Xbox One inventory controls

You always want to have the optimal loadout in PUBG, so it's crucial to be able to manipulate objects in your inventory quickly, equipping the things you want, stripping the things you don't need right now and dropping the things you are shedding to make way. The inventory controls are interesting - you switch columns with the bumpers, then use a combination of X, A and Y to pick up, assign and drop items. We're curious to see how intuitive this feels in practice.

Of course, PUBG on Xbox One is a Game Preview Program title - Xbox's equivalent of Early Access - so the developers could very well decide to change all this based on player feedback. We'll soon find out how good it feels, anyway, as PUBG hits Xbox One on Tuesday, December 12!


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