Can you fast travel in Rage 2?

The fast travel options available and how to use them in Rage 2.

In Rage 2, you have a full wasteland to explore, though you may find yourself needing to use fast travel every so often to replenish your supplies. Unlike other open-world games where you can fast travel between most discovered locations, Rage 2 is a bit more limited. Because Rage 2 focuses on vehicle travel, there are fewer fast travel options available.

To explain this further, we’ve put together a quick guide answering whether you can fast travel in Rage 2.

Can You Fast Travel in Rage 2?

Fast travel points on the map - can you fast travel in Rage 2
You can only fast travel to previously discovered Trade Towns in Rage 2 by hovering over their location on your map and confirming fast travel. For example, by pressing Square on PlayStation 4 to fast travel to Gunbarrel.
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The quick answer to this question is yes, you can fast travel in Rage 2. However, fast travel is a bit more complicated in that you can only fast travel to three specific locations. To elaborate, the only places you can fast travel to in Rage 2 are the game’s primary Trade Towns including Gunbarrel, Wellspring, and Lagooney.

To fast travel to a Trade Town like Gunbarrel, you’ll first need to use your vehicle to traverse the wasteland until you reach (and discover) the Trade Town. Note that you can’t fast travel to a Trade Town you haven’t discovered. At the beginning of the game, all three of these Trade Towns are marked on your map, and your objective is to meet with key NPCs at each location.

We recommend taking the time to do this before you go off exploring, as it’ll make things a lot easier for you when you need to use fast travel to return to a Trade Town and replenish your supplies. To fast travel, open up your map and hover over the settlement you wish to visit. While hovering over the Trade Town, look at the information on the right side of your screen for the fast travel option.

On PlayStation 4, you can fast travel by pressing square. If you’re having difficulty using fast travel, try exiting your vehicle and using fast travel. Don’t worry about losing your vehicle, as it comes with you. You can also respawn your vehicle from the Rage 2 menu if needed. Again, you can only use fast travel to return to Trade Towns like Gunbarrel.

As you explore the wasteland, you’ll discover unique side locations full of enemies and supplies. You’re able to clear these areas, and add their location to your map for future reference. You cannot fast travel to these locations, though. For us, we used the fast travel option to visit Trade Towns and get closer to certain objective points, as each Trade Town is located in a different area of the map.

Overall, Rage 2 wants its players to use the wealth of vehicle options available, rather than relying on fast travel. Again, you can fast travel to Wellspring, Gunbarrel, and Lagooney to replenish supplies or get closer to objective points, but you can’t fast travel to side locations (even if you’ve taken the time to clear them).

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