All Hugo's Herbarium locations in A Plague Tale: Innocence

Learn where to find all Hugo's Herbarium locations and be the best big sister you can in A Plague Tale: Innocence.

One of the loveliest touches in A Plague Tale: Innocence is the manner in which collectibles are worked into the story and world. Our favorites by far are the flowers you can find for Hugo’s Herbarium. There are 13 different flowers you can find, and each time you do, Hugo (or Amicia is Hugo is absent) will place the flower in Amicia’s hair where it will remain for the rest of the chapter. It’s a wonderful feature that encourages you to find every flower location. Some of these budding delights are pretty well hidden however, so to help you out we’ve put together this guide for all Hugo’s Herbarium locations in A Plage Tale: Innocence, teaching you where to find every flower.

All Hugo’s Herbarium locations in A Plague Tale: Innocence

There are a total of 13 flowers for Hugo’s Herbarium, and given the game has 16 Chapters that means you won’t find one in each level. We’ve given the name of each flower below as well as the Chapter and location you’ll find it. You don’t need to complete the Chapter after finding the flower, so if you’ve already finished the game or aren’t looking for Gifts or Curiosities as well, then feel free to quit out of the Chapter after you find each flower.

If you haven’t finished A Plague Tale: Innocence yet, be wary of reading too far as this guide contains spoilers for the later stages of the game. With that warning out of the way, here’s where to find all Hugo’s Herbarium locations in A Plague Tale: Innocence.

Chapter 3: Carnations

Hugo's Herbarium locations in A Plague Tale: Innocence
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You’ll be hard-pressed to miss the first collectible in Hugo’s Herbarium. After you climb out of the church and speak with the monk below, you’ll run round the abbey into the courtyard he was in. Hugo will run forward at this point to look at the Carnations. Walk up and Interact with him to collect them and put the first flower in Amicia’s hair.

Chapter 4: Aquilegia

Where to find Hugo's Herbarium in A Plague Tale: Innocence
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The second entry in Hugo’s Herbarium is found when you arrive at Laurentius’ farmstead. Don’t enter the house. Instead, walk round to the back of the building (past the pigsty) to find this flower growing next to a tree.

Chapter 5: Gladiolus

All flower locations in A Plague Tale: Innocence
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You’ll see this Hugo’s Herbarium flower flashing up on a cliff to the left as you walk along the shoreline with Hugo and Lucas at the start of the Chapter. You must follow the path all the way forwards and to the left until you reach the aqueduct/stone gate where Hugo runs off ahead (after finding the shield) to the battlefield.

Instead of following him, turn to the left and follow the path backwards, up onto the higher level next to the route you came from. Eventually, Hugo will follow you and catch up. Keep walking down the path to find the Gladiolus on the lower level at the end.

Chapter 7: Hawthorn

Where to find all flowers in A Plague Tale: Innocence
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After you cross the mill, follow Melie to the ruined town. Melie will walk up the hill, but you shouldn’t follow. Instead, turn right with Hugo and head into the area with several ruined buildings. Walk into the broken building at the back left to find the Hawthorn for Hugo’s Herbarium.

Chapter 8: St. John’s wort

Hugo's Herbarium guide A Plague Tale: Innocence
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After you follow Hugo to the tree, you’ll start a touching cutscene in which Amicia and Hugo hang up the necklaces from their parents on a tree branch. After this, Hugo will run immediately to the St. John’s wort within the same room. Walk over and collect it for Hugo’s Herbarium.

Chapter 9: Lavender

All Hugos Herbarium Locations A Plague Tale Innocence
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Right at the start of the Chapter, the Lavender can be found on the left side of the path. Walk slowly forward with the camera watching the left side. If you follow it closely and you’ll spot this Hugo’s Herbarium location tucked behind a tree. You won’t see it normally unless you turn round and face backwards, which is a pretty sneaky spot to hide one of Hugo’s Herbarium, but at least you get the flower for the full Chapter!

Chapter 10: Daisy

Guide to Hugo's Herbarium A Plague Tale Innocence
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As you explore the University you’ll eventually reach a room with two guards searching for the red book and a rotatable torch that’s trapping a group of rats. You need to move the torch on the left to let the rats out of the small alcove. With the rats freed, use Odoris to make them run out of the alcove and attack the guards. If you’re sure all the rats are clear, rotate the lamp to face the alcove again and enter it to find the daisy.

Chapter 11: Rhododendron

Follow Roderic until you reach the courtyard. Climb down the ladder, but instead of following him to the center, turn right and take the gap on your right toward the brazier. The Rhododendron is nearby, clumped on the ground to the left. Roderic might complain about you taking your time, but Hugo’s Herbarium is clearly more important!

Chapter 12: Cinquefoils

Cinquefoils - Hugos Herbarium locations A Plague Tale: Innocence
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After you leave Hugo’s Room with Lucas and escape past the rat mounds to the outdoors, you’ll see the ruins in the distance. Turn left and follow the path ahead, taking a left again rather than going right and down the stairs. A short distance along this path you’ll find the Hugo’s Herbarium location. This might not seem like a sensible time to be flower picking, but hey, Hugo will appreciate the effort.

Chapter 13: Daffodil

Hugo's flowers locations A Plague Tale: Innocence
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Following the hazy, dreamlike sequence, you’ll be able to rescue Hugo from a cage on a road. After you free him, follow the road along, keeping an eye out for a small path on the right. If you stick to the edge of the road while walking it should be fairly obvious as the only section you can leave the road and get behind the trees. The flower is just off the edge of the road, hidden from view.

Chapter 14: Black Nightshade

Hugo's Herbarium flowers in A Plague Tale: Innocence
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While following the dark-armored villain, wait until you arrive in the garden. The Black Nightshade is inside the back-right ring of shrubberies, but the safest way to reach it is by sneaking around the left side of the garden and entering the back-left shrubbery ring. Wait for the villain to pass, then walk the long way round the outside of the back right shrubbery before slipping into the only entrance. Be careful not to dawdle as many of the people in the garden can see the entrance. You need to sneak in quickly so that they aren’t alerted. The Nightshade is in the far edge of the ring of bushes.

Chapter 15: Rockfoils

Rockfoils - Hugo's Herbarium guide A Plague Tale: Innocence
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At the start of the chapter, Lucas will be struggling with a frozen lock on a chest. Walk past him to the narrow room through the doorway. Turn to the right when you enter and the flower will be growing on the floor. Hugo may not be here, but Amicia will collect the flower nonetheless.

Chapter 16: Christmas rose

All Hugo's Herbarium locations in A Plague Tale: Innocence
© Asobo

The final Hugo’s Herbarium location is in the final proper Chapter. After separating from Melie and Lucas, you’ll play through a lengthy section with Roderic. After speaking with Melie and Lucas across a gap, you’ll need to head up to the top of a large area where there’s a building that’s on fire. When Roderic tries to break down the door to the burning building, guards will appear from behind, opening up new gates into the area. Take them out with Hugo’s rats (slingshot douse the flames to let the rats loose) then enter the opened gate directly opposite the building, where the warrior in heavy armor appeared from. Follow this path down to find the final flower.

That’s the full set of Hugo’s Herbarium locations in A Plague Tale: Innocence. Now that you know where to find every flower, you might want to look into grabbing all of the Gifts too! There are a few more of them to find, and Hugo won’t be on hand to point them out, so take a look at our guide to all Gift locations in A Plage Tale: Innocence to make your life that much easier.

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