How to use Waypoints in Rage 2

Never get lost again by learning how to use Waypoints in Rage 2.

Rage 2 has a large map full of interesting locations, though if you’re on a quest and aren’t sure where to go next, learning how to use Waypoints can certainly help. Unlike games where generous fast travel options are available, Rage 2 encourages players to use vehicles to get around. With how fun it is to drive around in Rage 2, it can also be easy to get lost and miss your desired location entirely.

To help prevent this, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining how to use Waypoints in Rage 2!

How to Uuse Waypoints in Rage 2

A Waypoint location - How to use Waypoints in Rage 2
In Rage 2, you can set Waypoints to help guide you to your next location. To follow your Waypoint, look on the ground for purple direction arrows.
© Bethesda

In Rage 2, your primary method of travel is through vehicles like the Phoenix. While you can fast travel to Trade Towns like Gunbarrel or Lagooney, you won’t be able to fast travel to other previously discovered locations like Arks. To save on travel time, we recommend using a mixture of fast travel to Trade Towns, and Waypoints.

To do this, open your in-game menu and view your map. On your map, objectives are marked by yellow diamonds. To track a specific objective (if you have several open), you can hover over the diamond for that objective and select it, then mark the location with a Waypoint. Note that you can set a Waypoint for anything including Arks, or random areas you wish to explore.

A Waypoint on the map - Rage 2 Waypoints guide
On your map in Rage 2, you can hover over any location of interest and set a Waypoint. For example, PS4 users can "Set Waypoint" via the X button.
© Bethesda

If you’re on the other side of the map from your destination, you can fast travel to the closest Trade Town, then hop into a vehicle of your choice. Inside the vehicle, look at the road in front of you. There, you should see a series of purple arrows pointing you in the direction of your set Waypoint location.

By following these purple Waypoint arrows, you won’t get lost on the way to your next objective. If you decide to skip that objective in favor of another, you can open your map back up and remove the Waypoint. Alternatively, you can leave the Waypoint alone while you do something else, like explore an Ark on the way to your Waypoint destination.

Once you’re done, you can jump back on the directed route to your Waypoint destination. Overall, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with Waypoints in Rage 2 as they’ll help you avoid getting lost while out in the wasteland, and can even serve as reminders that you have an objective to work on in order to keep you focused and organized.

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