All Ark locations in Rage 2

You'll need to track down all the Ark locations in Rage 2 if you want to unlock powerful weapons and powers.

The most fun you’ll have in Rage 2 is taking part in as much of the blisteringly-paced combat as possible. Fancy weapons and suit powers are extremely entertaining, and will often give you the tools needed to succeed in the wasteland. Unlocking new weapons and powers means hunting down the many Arks that scatter the landscape, opening them up to uncover their treats. To help you make the most of your time, we’ve put together a guide of all Ark locations in Rage 2 that’ll have you tooled up and ready to kick ass in as little time as possible.

All Ark locations in Rage 2

All Ark locations map for Rage 2
Here's where to find all 13 Arks in Rage 2 © Bethesda

We’ve found a total of 13 Arks spread throughout the wasteland, and each is worth visiting to collect the fancy weapon or power contained within. You’ll find several of them during the game’s story, but you can also head out into the wilds to find them yourself, either through pure exploration or by following clues. Or, of course, you could just follow this guide instead. The choice is up to you, really, but let’s be honest here, this guide’s going to be easiest, isn’t it?

Arks are opened using your Focus power (hold L1 on PS4, LB on Xbox) once enemies nearby have been killed. We’ve detailed the location of each Ark below along with information on how to access it and how tough you should expect the fight to be. We've highlighted the general area for each Ark on the map above, but below we'll go into further details on all the Ark locations in Rage 2!

1. Vineland Ark - Easy 

Location: Vineland

Vineland Ark - All Ark locations in Rage 2
© Bethesda

You’ll likely have run into this Ark already as it’s the first you’ll visit in the game. As you enter you’ll be introduced by a hologram to the concept of Arks and be given the first Nanotrite ability.

2. Quake Hill Ark - Easy (2)

Location: Vineland

Quake Hill Ark location - Ark Location guide for Rage 2
© Bethesda

This Ark is found up in the northeast corner of Vineland, among the hills. You won’t be able to gain access until you kill the enemies around it.

3. Junkers Pass Ark - Easy (2)

Location: Twisting Canyons

Junkers Pass Ark locations - Rage 2 Ark guide
© Bethesda

Travelling further north, you’ll find this Ark on the route to Gunbarrel. It's in the central region of Twisting Canyons, northeast of the crossroads the meet in the center of the region.

4. Great Crack Ark - Easy (3)

Location: Broken Tract

Great Crack Ark Location in Rage 2
© Bethesda

The Great Crack Ark is found in the wasteland south of Gunbarrel, just north of the central part of the border. Once again it’s surrounded by enemies you need to take out.

5. Earthscar Ark - Easy (3)

Location: Torn Plains

Earthscar Ark - Ark Map for Rage 2
© Bethesda

Up in the north of the Torn Plains you’ll find two Arks, the first of which is the Earthscar Ark which lies a short distance below the border for the region, in a canyon between two mountainy bits. It’s north of Chazcar Derby.

6. Strongbox Ark - Medium (4)

Location:  Torn Plains

Strongbox Ark - All Arks in Rage 2
© Bethesda

The second Ark in this area is only a short distance southeast of the Earthscar Ark, this time directly north of Chazcar Derby. Beat the enemies around it and open up that Ark for your reward!

7. Spikewind Ark - Medium (5)

Location: Broken Tract

Spikewind Ark - Every Ark in Rage 2
© Bethesda

Spikewind Ark can be found in the West segment of Broken Tract, in the sandy area where the region starts to curve downward and has a triangle point northwest. As always, take out the foes here to gain access to the Ark..

8. Canyon Cove Ark - Medium (5)

Location: Broken Tract

Canyon Cove Ark - Rage 2 Arks guides
© Bethesda

The Canyon Cove Ark lies close to the line between Broken Tract and Twisting Canyons, in the southeast area of the map. It’s north of the border, close to the section where the line dips south on the map.

9. Shrouded Vault Ark - Hard (6)

Location: Dune Sea

Shrouded Vault Ark - Rage 2 Ark locations
© Bethesda

You’ll need to venture into the Dune Sea for the this Ark. You can find it on the very eastern edge of the desert, in the curve of the mountains here.

10. Dealypipe Ark - Hard (6)

Location: Sekreto Wetlands

Dealypipe Ark - Ark guide for Rage 2
© Bethesda

Starting from the Shrouded Vault Ark, travel north-northwest into Sekreto Wetlands. The Dealypipe Ark is a short trip south from Lagoony.

11. Dank Catacomb Ark - Hard (7)

Location: Sekreto Wetlands

Dank Catacombs - All Ark locations in Rage 2
© Bethesda

The dankest Ark available in Rage 2, you should travel north in the Sekreto Wetlands to find this one. Head directly north from Lagoony and you’ll be likely to find it. Be prepared for a fight, as this Ark is pretty well defended.

12. Needle Falls Ark - Hard (7)

Location: The Wilds

Needle Falls Ark - Where to find Arks in Rage 2
© Bethesda

The penultimate Ark in Rage 2 is tucked way up in The Wilds, in the north of the map. The Ark is in the southwest section of the region and presents a pretty tough challenge to take.

13. Greenhaven Ark - Very Hard (10)

Location: The Wilds

Greenhaven Ark location - All Arks in Rage 2
© Bethesda

The last Ark is also located in The Wilds, this time right up in the far north. At the very center top of the region (and map), the Greenhaven Ark is an extremely tough challenge to take on. Collect all the weapons and vehicles you can before making your way to this one. Heck, why not take the BFG 9000 if you’ve got it.

Thanks to our friends at Shacknews for lending map images while we capture our own.

Now that you know every Ark location in Rage 2, there’s nothing left to do but head out and find them! Jumping around a lot means it’s worth learning how fast travel works to save some time. While you’re at it, take a look at the rest of our Rage 2 content for more helpful tips and tricks!

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