How to upgrade Phoenix in Rage 2

Improve your main vehicle by learning how to navigate the upgrades menu in Rage 2.

There’s no shortage of vehicles to use in Rage 2, though your Phoenix is special in that you're able to upgrade it and improve things like survivability and damage output. To do this, you’ll first need to learn how to navigate the upgrade menu. If you’re having trouble and want to quickly brush up on the process, we’ve put together a guide explaining the best way to upgrade your Phoenix in Rage 2.

How to Upgrade Phoenix in Rage 2

Open your in-game menu and select the Vehicles tab to view a list of available vehicles and upgrades for those vehicles in Rage 2.
Open your in-game menu and select the Vehicles tab to view a list of available upgrades for your Phoenix in Rage 2.
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In Rage 2, you’re able to upgrade vehicles like the Phoenix. To view your available upgrades, you’ll need to open your in-game menu and then select the Vehicles tab. Inside the menu, select the Phoenix and then press either X (PS4) or A (Xbox One) to expand the upgrades menu. Upgrades require Auto Parts to unlock.

You can earn Auto Parts by unlocking new vehicles, beating Convoy missions, opening Ark Chests, purchasing them at Trade Town locations like Rusty’s Autoparts in Wellspring, or by working your way through the game’s campaign. Once you have enough Auto Parts available, you’ll be able to spend them on upgrades.

For example, you can upgrade the Phoenix and add the Hellfire Mortar weapon, upping the overall damage output of the vehicle. Overall, you’ll want to take the time to earn Auto Parts to upgrade your Phoenix to make it as efficient as possible in Rage 2 in order to tackle everything the wasteland has to offer.

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