How to interrupt Behemoths in Dauntless

Interrupting Behemoths in Dauntless will give you time to get in a few more punches below the belt.

Learning how to interrupt Behemoths in Dauntless could just save your life, or at least shave a few minutes off your hunt time.

Each big beast out there in the wilds surrounding Ramsgate has a particular weakness, not just in elemental affinity either. If you time your attacks right, you could stop a Behemoth in its tracks and earn enough time to land a few good hits in. Here's how to interrupt Behemoths in Dauntless.

How to interrupt Behemoths in Dauntless

As you can see from the gif above, timing and co-ordination with your team is everything if you want to interrupt a Behemoth in Dauntless (or boop them, as the veteran hunters of Dauntless call it). Each beast has one charge attack which leaves them vulnerable to damage. If they take enough damage during this window then they'll fall over and leave themselves open to a free all-out assault, during which time you'll have a decent chance of being able to stagger a Behemoth as well. 

While each Behemoth's interrupt window is different thanks to their separate movesets, you'll be able to recognise a chance for a boop by this on-screen UI hint. The red lines around a Behemoth's head indicate when you should go all-in, and they're usually during charges or wind-ups for major attacks. Here's what it looks like for the Shrike featured in the gif above:

how to interrupt in dauntless
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Here's which Behemoths can be interrupted and the conditions of how to boop them.

Which Behemoths can be interrupted and how?

Shrike/Moonreaver Shrike Interrupt:

During the long-distance flying charge, hit with ranged attack of chain blades/hammer/repeaters. Also works during the enraged swoop attack

Skraev/Winterhorn Skraev

During the long-distance flying charge, hit with ranged attack of chain blades/hammer/repeaters.

Skarn/Rockfall Skarn:

As he rears up on his hind legs, jump into the air and bash with a hammer to knock him backwards. A hammer boost works for launching too.


During the blind phase he has a flying charge, hit him not his shadow. Use ranged attack of chain blades/hammer/repeaters.


Another swooping attack, just make sure you land those ranged hits.


Finally a ground-based Behemoth. The Stormclaw always does a boopable charge after he lays down his electric fence pieces. He usually does four or five parts, then attacks. When he charges his big snout at you, smash his face in. Use anything, ranged or melee if you want to feel like a matador.

Embermane/Bloodfire Embermane:

Another front-facing charge, time it right so you don't end up as chargrilled lunch.

Gnasher/Ragetail Gnasher:

These two do a sort of charing belly slide, this is the chance for your interrupt. Before the lunge he'll do a couple of hops back and forth, but you'll need to watch out as this can often precede a jumping flip attack rather than a belly slide. The interrupt window is brief, so either pre-empt it or use the speed of the Chain Blades.


This big icy pangolin/tyrannosaur hybrid has an extremely brief interrupt period when it kicks off one of its rolling attacks. The window is extremely short, making this a very tough interrupt to land.

Manage to do enough damage in those boop windows and you'll take them down easily with an interrupt. If you need any more help getting started in Dauntless then check out our other guides.


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