How to save in Resident Evil HD Remaster

Don't lose your progress, learn to save in Resident Evil HD Remaster so you don't suffer at the hands of those pesky zombies!

Times have certainly changed the Resident Evil series, but if you want to dip your toes in the fantastic original games that defined the survival horror genre, you’re going to need to deal with some of their more antiquated mechanics. In that case of Resident Evil HD Remaster, that means learning how to save.

How to save in Resident Evil HD Remaster

How to save in Resident Evil HD Remaster
If you want to save in Resident Evil HD Remaster, you'll need some ink! © Capcom

Knowing how to save in Resident Evil HD Remaster is crucial because the game doesn’t include any form of autosave feature. If you die, you’ll lose all of your progress from the point of your last save. You might read that as an incentive to save as often as possible, but there’s a catch: saves are a limited resource. Yeah, old Resident Evil is mean. Don’t worry though, it’s not as awful as it sounds, provided you understand how saving works.

Saves in Resident Evil HD Remaster take the form of Ink Ribbons, an item that can be found and is only usable at Typewriters you’ll find around the Mansion and beyond. Typewriters are typically found in Safe Rooms (areas that enemies can’t access), but you’ll also find them in a few unusual spots too.

The first Typewriter you’ll encounter is in the west wing Dining Room 1F, found through the double doors from the Main Hall. It’s the room with the fireplace that you investigate with Barry in the opening section of the game. You’ll find others along with the very useful Item Boxes in the Medical Storage Room and East Wing Storeroom. Check the map below to see exactly where to find them. Each Typewriter you use will be marked on your map from then on so that you know where to return to.

How to save the game in Resident Evil Switch
The Mansion has several Typewriters, all on 1F. © Capcom

Saving the game will cost you one Ink Ribbon, which means you won’t want to save so often that you end up wasting them and running out during the later, tougher stages. Try to only save when you’ve made notable progress (obtained new key items or accessed new areas by completing puzzles). There are more than enough Ink Ribbons in the game, provided you aren’t using them unnecessarily.

Now that you know how to save in Resident Evil HD Remaster, you’re all set to plan your paths through the mansion via these important stopping points. Make the most of your time by learning how to get the Shotgun as well.

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