All Wasteland Wizard cheats in Rage 2

The full list of Wasteland Wizard cheat codes and how to use them in Rage 2.

One of the main things Rage 2 players want to know after beating the game is whether there are cheat codes. In Rage 2, there are cheat codes available, though you’ll need to purchase most of them in order to unlock and use them. To do this, you’ll need to track down the Wasteland Wizard, Mangoo the Unborn.

Confused, or simply want to know what cheats are available in the game before you seek out Mangoo? We’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve put together a guide breaking down all Wasteland Wizard cheats in Rage 2!

All Wasteland Wizard Cheats in Rage 2

Cheat codes can be purchased from Mangoo, a vendor known as the Wasteland Wizard in Rage 2.
Cheat codes can be purchased from Mangoo, a vendor known as the Wasteland Wizard in Rage 2.
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In Rage 2, there are a variety of cheat codes available, with most sold by the Wasteland Wizard by the name of Mangoo the Unborn. While his exact location can be hard to pin down, he’s easy to recognize in that he travels around in a vehicle suspended by three green balloons and is dressed, quite literally, as a wizard.

Note that if you pre-ordered Rage 2, you automatically received the “He’s on Fire” cheat code, which can be found in your Cheats menu. Alternatively, if you purchased the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition of Rage 2, you’ll find three cheats available to you in your Cheats menu. To enable your cheats, all you need to do is open your Settings menu and select the “Cheats” option.

Inside, you’ll find a list of all your available cheats like the “He’s on Fire” option if you pre-ordered Rage 2. Keep in mind that if you decide to enable cheats in Rage 2, your Trophies will be permanently disabled. Aside from pre-order and Deluxe Edition bonus incentives, anyone can unlock cheat codes in Rage 2.

To do this, you’ll need to find Mangoo and purchase them from his rotating inventory. The caveat to this system is that Mangoo’s location changes, meaning you’ll need to do a little searching in order to find him and buy more cheats. Think of Mangoo like Xur from Destiny 2 in that both Mangoo’s location and inventory changes on a regular basis, encouraging you to regularly track him down in order to see what’s new.

Based on the info provided by Bethesda, we have a general idea of what cheat codes can be purchased from Mangoo right now, which we’ve listed below.

  • Git Gud: All of your enemies in Rage 2 die after taking one hit.
  • Klegg Support: Spawn Klegg Clayton as a travel companion in Rage 2.
  • Super Overdrive: Increases the power of your Overdrive ability in Rage 2.
  • Super Phoenix: Increases the power of your Phoenix vehicle in Rage 2.
  • Super Wingstick: Upgrade your Wingstick to lock on and target enemies in Rage 2.
  • Son of Thor: Electrifies your body, shocking and causing damage to nearby enemies in Rage 2.
  • Red Barrel Rain: Drops explosive red barrels from the sky in Rage 2.
  • Phoenix Rejector Seat: If you choose to eject from your Phoenix, roles will reverse and the vehicle will launch into the air while you remain on the ground in Rage 2.
  • Progress Booster: Doubles the amount of Feltrite you collect for the next four hours of in-game in Rage 2.
  • He’s on Fire: Adds additional voiceover from Tim Kitzrow in Rage 2.
  • Diamond Geezer: Adds additional voiceover from Danny Dyer in Rage 2.

Keep in mind that Bethesda plans to add additional cheat code options to Mangoo’s inventory throughout the rest of the year. If you’ve purchased all of the options listed above, rest assured that more cheat codes will likely be available for purchase soon. Again, this adds incentive to seek out the Wasteland Wizard on a regular basis. Can’t seem to find Mangoo? Here are a few locations where he’s been spotted in Rage 2.

  • Inside the Lost Prospects area.
  • Southern border of Sekreto Wetlands.
  • West of the Sekreto Wetlands near the Arena.
  • Near the Eden Space Center area.
  • East border of the Broken Tract Region.
  • East of Dreadwood in The Wilds.

Now that you know all of the Wasteland Wizard cheat codes available for purchase in Rage 2, how to enable cheats, and where to find Mangoo, be sure to check out some of our other guides including whether you can fast travel in Rage 2, how to unlock all vehicles in Rage 2, and where to find the Elon Tusk Secret Bunker in Rage 2.

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