Players are glitching into Mordhau's character select screen with lutes

Players have found a way to glitch into Mordhau's select character screen while playing the lute, which looks hilarious.

Mordhau's lute-playing community has managed another breakthrough in bringing laughter wherever they can by breaking out of the game's bounds.

Some intrepid luters have glitched outside of the playable area of some maps to find the exact spot used as the backdrop for Mordhau's character select screen.

Once they make it there, they can play the song of their people while others in the same map are choosing their character. How lovely. Bard, play Despacito.

Mordhau's sudden success has taken the Chivalry devs by surprise while they try to keep up with the needs and demands of such a massive playerbase. The lute's popularity in the meta, combined with this hold-music-esque glitch is one of the things we hope to see continue as Mordhau's roadmap continues.

To find out how to play the lute in Mordhau yourself, and how to shred on the battlefield, check out our guide.


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