How to unlock Repeaters in Dauntless

Unlock the Repeaters and dish out some firepower by dual-wielding the only guns in Dauntless.

Dauntless offers a selection of chunky melee weapons to choose from, but when it comes to ranged firepower your options are far more limited. Currently, the twin-gun Repeaters are the only choice available, but even they take some time to unlock. If you want to take on Behemoths while dual wielding these punchy pistols, you need to follow certain steps early in your hunting career. Never fear! This guide will teach you how to unlock Repeaters in Dauntless.

How to unlock Repeaters in Dauntless

How to unlock Repeaters in Dauntless
The Ostian Repeaters are the only ranged weapon class in Dauntless right now, © Phoenix Labs

Monster Hunting isn’t an easy business, and for that reason, Dauntless takes its time when introducing many of the mechanics to you. After the introductory mission you’ll get access to the Sword, Hammer, Chain Blades and War Pike, but not the Repeaters. The Ostian Repeaters are given by the NPC Janek Zai, but you need to jump through some hoops before he’ll give them to you.

To access these weapons, complete the initial weapon and armor crafting quests until you obtain the “Go Forth and Slay” quest. At this point you should now be able to speak with Janek Zai, so rather than jump directly into a hunt, head over to him instead.

If you’ve not met Janek Zai, you can find him from the starting area of Ramsgate by taking the left path upwards past Katerin Sorrel and the Middleman. Turn left at the first level you reach and he’ll be standing in front of his shop. If you’re able to get the Repeaters from him, you should see an exclamation mark over his head, and he’ll call out to you when near.

How to unlock guns in Dauntless - Ostian Repeaters
Here's where you need to go to unlock Repeaters in Dauntless. © Phoenix Labs

Speak with Janek and you’ll be given the Ironclad Admiral quest which lets you craft the Repeaters. All you need to do now is speak with him to craft and unlock the Repeaters. Once you’ve got them, Janek will give you a further couple of quests "The Guns of Ostigaard" and Launch the Barrage" to deal damage using the Repeaters and grenades, giving you the perfect excuse to get out there and start trying them out!

Now that you know how to unlock the Repeaters in Dauntless, you’ll be fully decked out and ready to hunt some Behemoths. If you want to advance quickly you should step up your game by learning how to Stagger in Dauntless! Most Behemoths also have a unique interrupt timing, so make sure you learn them all!

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