Where to find Deathmarks in Dauntless and what they do

Dauntless' Deathmarks are this season's Hunt Pass gatherable, here's where to find them in Ramsgate.

The fifth season of the hunt has arrived in Ramsgate and with it: Deathmarks, Dauntless' daily collectible to level up your Hunt Pass.

Thos kunai stabbed into doors, posts and other bits of furniture around the hub world aren't just an ominous sign of feuding clans of shinobi in the Hidden Blades event running from now until July 9, but also a way to supercharge your progression. Collect all ten scattered around the town every day and you'll earn a decent chunk of experience, and as with every season pass: points mean prizes. Here's how to find Deathmarks in Dauntless and what they unlock.

Where to find Deathmarks in Dauntless

Deathmarks are a daily Hunt Pass Gatherable that you can pick up while waiting for your friends to join your party in Dauntless. It really takes less than a minute, as seen in the video above, so don't forget to do it every day.

There are 10 to find dotted around the hub town of Ramsgate, but every day they can be in different places. If you're struggling to find the last one, head up to the highest point in the town, up the stairs at the back and onto the wooden platforms, and peer out over the rooftops to see if you can spot anything red and shiny. They're quite devious about delivering Deathmarks to their enemies in Dauntless, even if it means their mark won't actually find them stuck to their chimney. Keep track of how many you've found yourself because the counter doesn't always pop up on the left hand side of the screen to let you know how many more you have to find.

What do Deathmarks do in Dauntless?

If you're wondering why you'd want to collect these, it's for the points of course. Each season's Hunt Pass levels up by completing challenges, ranging from taking on specific hunts, interrupting or staggering Behemoths, and gathering resources out in the field. Finding and collecting all 10 Deathmarks in Dauntless will net you 50 exp towards the next Hunt Pass rank. That's half a level, which isn't too shabby, so make sure you grab them all every day. 

Now that you've found all the Deathmarks, why not jump into the hunt and learn how to interrupt Behemoths in Dauntless for some free and easy hits.


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