Bloodborne Mod allows you to control enemies

The hunter becomes the hunted in this unusual mod for Bloodborne.

There’s an awesome Bloodborne mod in the works that lets you take control of any enemy in the game by locking onto them.

Twitter user Lance McDonald has been showing off his work on the mod over the last few days, demonstrating the body-swapping feature on a range of enemies. Take a look for yourself:

The mod allows for full control of the various humanoid and monstrous enemies you face in the game, all through a single tap of L3. Handily, McDonald notes that each enemy already has a full control scheme of assigned attacks thanks to a debug feature left in the game.

Posting updates on Twitter, McDonald demonstrates that the mod works not just in the main game, but in the DLC too, and is confident it could be used to control certain bosses.

The mod is still in the proof of concept stage, and given that enemies will despawn if they travel too far from the player character, there’s clearly still plenty of work to be done before McDonald is comfortable releasing his work as a full mod, but there’s a huge potential for fun or even a full game here. Follow Lance McDonald on Twitter for further information and updates on the mod.

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