All Behemoths in Dauntless

Many different beasts have arrived from the Maelstrom, but our guide to all Behemoths in Dauntless guide can help you study their weaknesses

The monsters of Dauntless come in many shapes and sizes, and none of them are happy to see you. You’ll start off with access to only a few Behemoths, but as you level up your hunter rank and complete quests, more and more will open up. Want to know the full lot of them? In this guide we’ll take you through all Behemoths in Dauntless, as well as teaching you their elemental types.

All Behemoths in Dauntless

There are a total of 19 Behemoths in Dauntless right now, and each falls into one of the seven elemental categories. We’ve split our list of all Behemoths into Neutral, Blaze, Frost, Shock, Terra, Umbral and Radiant categories so that you can easily see their types. Take a look at our elemental weaknesses guide for more information on how to counter each element type in Dauntless. For now though we’ll dive into our list of all Behemoths in Dauntless.

Neutral Behemoths



  • Lesser Gnasher
  • Ragetail Gnasher
A Gnasher - All Behemoths in Dauntless
© Phoenix Labs

A sort of rodent-like creature, the tends to swing its tail, flip over and slide on its belly to attack. The Lesser Gnasher is one of the easiest Behemoths you’ll face, and it a good place to learn how to interrupt.



  • Deadeye Quillshot

A weird dog-lizard hybrid with boar tusks, the Quillshot grows quills on its back and fires them at its enemies.



  • Moonreaver Shrike

You’ll likely face the owl-bear Shrike early in Dauntless. Of all the Behemoths, the Shrike has one of the most obvious interrupt timings as it swoops towards you.

Blaze Behemoths



  • Firebrand Charrogg

A sort of grumpy tortoise, the Charrogg spits fire and magma around it, making it tricky to get in close. Look for it’s slow, rotating flames attack as a chance to strike its belly.



  • Lesser Embermane
  • Bloodfire Embermane

The closest thing to a lion in Dauntless, the Embermane prefers to charge at its prey, though this often leaves it open to interrupts, too.



  • Scorchstone Hellion

A large, fire-breathing dinosaur shouldn’t be a daunting foe to hunt, right? The Hellion scatters the field with lava and has a penchant for diving in and out of the ground. Work on removing its tail or staggering it with strikes to the legs or head.

Frost Behemoths



  • Lesser Boreus
  • Deadfrost Boreus

The Lesser Boreus is one of the first big boys you’ll face in Dauntless. He’s got an annoyingly tough exterior that means you’ll need to take down his minions from time to time before you can dish out the damage.



  • Frostback Pangar
Art of Pangar - All Behemoths in Dauntless
© Phoenix Labs

The frost counterpart to the Hellion, this big beastie has a good slive of Pangolin blood in him, regularly rolling up in a ball to assault his enemies. Stick near the legs and dodge his stomps to bring him down with a stagger.



  • Winterhorn Skraev

A frost version of a Shrike, this cold-hearted owl-bear mixes in icicle traps to freeze Slayers in place.

Shock Behemoths



  • Lesser Drask
  • Thunderdeep Drask
The Drask - All Dauntless Monsters
© Phoenix Labs

Dauntless’ alligator type, this large lizard makes use of its tail in sweeping strikes. Cut it off to make the fight a whole lot easier.



  • Shockjaw Nayzaga

One of the most infuriating Behemoths to fight, the Nayzaga fires quills across the arena which intermittently send shock orbs towards the nearest Slayer. Hit them back at the Naygaza to interrupt it.


The Shock-type cousin of the Emberlane, the Stormclaw places electric pylons that form a shocking barrier on the field of battle. Watch for a charge after placing the last pylon and you might just interrupt it.

Terra Behemoths



  • Razorwing Kharabak

Terra is the newest element addition to Dauntless, and brings with is several nasties including the Kharabak, a pesky bug that can send swarms of insects after anyone who strays too near. Interrupt the Kharabak when it charges forwards with a claw on the ground.


It may have the face of a bird, but don’t let that fool you. The Koshai is a monster on the ground, capable of using thorny vines to ensnare slayers



  • Rockfall Skarn
The Skarn - All Monsters in Dauntless
© Phoenix Labs

The Skarn is a big rock fellow who hides under the ground pretenging to be an Aether vent. He can be interrupted by striking the face as he rears up on his hind legs. Watch out for the deadly whirlwind attack which sucks Slayers in for massive damage.

Umbral Behemoths


The Riftstalker - All Dauntless Behemoths
© Phoenix Labs

Umbral creatures are nightmarish to look at, and even tougher to fight. The Riftstalker spends its time hopping in and out of portals to mess up your day.


Thought the Riftstalker was bad? This fellow is even creepier, looking like a semi-humanoid and very sadistic crow. Beware its expanding orbs and look for an interrupt chance when it glides towards you.

Radiant Behemoths


If you thought the power of light was a good thing, one look at a Rezakiri will change your mind. This raging bug Behemoth can fill the air around it with dangerous balls of energy, forcing you to dodge between them if you want a chance to attack.


Valomyr - All Behemoths in Dauntless
© Phoenix Labs

The sword-headed Valomyr makes for a mighty sight, but you’ll want to steer well clear of its lethal strikes if you want to survive.

Those are all the Behemoths in Dauntless, so now that you know them, get out there and hunt them! We’ll be updating this guide with images or footage of each as we obtain it. If you need some assistance on that matter, we have plenty of Dauntless guides here on AllGamers to help you out.

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