How to get Smoldering Bloodhide in Dauntless

Learn how to get the Smoldering Bloodhide by taking on the deadly Bloodfire Embermane in Dauntless.

Upgrading your weapons and armor in Dauntless will require tracking down and breaking many different monster parts. While it’s obvious where you can obtain most parts, certain rarer Behemoth parts like the Smoldering Bloodhide have somewhat confusing names that’ll leave you scratching your head over where to get them. If you’re wondering how to get Smoldering Bloodhide in Dauntless, don’t worry, we’ve got the answer.

How to get Smoldering Bloodhide in Dauntless

You can only get Smoldering Bloodhide during a fight with a Bloodfire Embermane. It's a rare drop from the fight, meaning you might need to complete it several times before you're lucky enough to earn it. You’ll have likely fought a Lesser or regular Embermane before, but neither of these will give you the Smoldering Blood hide you’re after. If you don’t have access to this hunt yet, you’re going to need to complete more of the “main” quests set by Katerin Sorrel. You’ll find her directly ahead on the left side of the main plaza for Ramsgate, but you can also just open up your quest log to find whichever quest asks you to kill several specific types of Behemoth.

Katerin Sorrel - How to get smoldering bloodhide in Dauntless
You need to complete Katerin Sorrel's quests to take on the Bloodfire Embermane and earn the Smoldering Bloodhide. © Phoenix Labs

The Bloodfire is a Dire Embermane, which essentially means it’s a much tougher version of the regular fight, and will often include brand new moves. You’ll get your first taste of Dire Behemoths with the Dire Warnings quest, but you’ll need to complete this before you get access to the Bloodfire Embermane which has the Smoldering Bloodhide. If you’re fairly new to Dauntless, expect this to take some time as the earlier fights vs the Rockfall Skarn and others are far from easy.

Dire Behemoth fights are significantly harder, so you should make sure you’re equipped with the right weapons and armor. If you check our list of all Behemoths in Dauntless, you’ll see that the Embermane is a Blaze Behemoth. This means you want armor with fire protection, and a weapon with frost damage for maximum effect. You’ll also want a weapon that’s good at breaking parts, so have a scan of our best weapon types guide if you’re not sure what’s suitable. If you have a team, make sure one member is competent at interrupts, as the Bloodfire Embermane is very susceptible to them.

You should now know how to get Smoldering Bloodhide in Dauntless, so start crafting those frost weapons to get yourself ready for the hunt! For more information on the other Behemoths you’ll need to fight on the journey there, have a look at our list of all Elemental Weaknesses in Dauntless

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