Where to buy PUBG for Xbox One

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is out now on Xbox One!

The biggest game of the year has finally come to console, arriving exclusively on Xbox One today, December 12, and if you're hoping to pick up PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - PUBG to its friends - then we can point you in the right direction.

Obviously it's available on the Xbox Store accessed via your console, but if you're on the move then you can always queue it up for download by purchasing PUBG on the Xbox Store website for $29.99.

It's worth remembering that PUBG is part of the Xbox Game Preview program - Microsoft's equivalent of Steam Early Access - and is therefore in active development. That means performance issues may occur and you may encounter bugs. The team may also make changes to the way the game works as they decide on better ways to do things.

You can further prepare yourself for PUBG on Xbox One with our PUBG Xbox One controls guide, and if you're really new to the concept, there's always our comprehensive What's the deal with... PUBG?

Dean is the money man at AllGamers. If you understand what to do with money outside of getting more PUBG crates in hopes of either striking it rich or looking fabulous on the battlefield, you should get in touch with him on dean.smith@allgamers.com.

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