How to get Transfusion Grenades in Dauntless

Unlock Transfusion Grenades to be able to both hurt and heal while out on your hunts in Dauntless.

Grenades are an odd addition to Dauntless, and it’s fair to say that the majority of players don’t make much use of them. If you’ve purchased this season’s hunt pass, you might have noticed an item called a Transfusion Grenade in your inventory. This item will not only hurt the Behemoth it detonates on, it’ll also create three healing orbs that track injured Slayers and heal 120 damage. It’s a valuable item, so you might want to know how to get more. In this guide we’ll teach you how to get Transfusion Grenades in Dauntless.

How to get Transfusion Grenades in Dauntless

How to get transfusion Grenades in Dauntless
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The secret to earning all grenade types in Dauntless is one NPC named Janek Zai. This Ostian on the second tier of Ramsgate will not only give you access to the Repeaters, he’ll also equip you with your first grenades and ask you to deal some damage with them. If you want to get Transfusion Grenades in Dauntless, you need to work your way through all of the preceding grenade and repeater quests that Janek Zai offers.

The bad news is that this could take quite a while, but the good news is this will teach you how to use grenades and the repeaters well. Each new grenade type you unlock will be craftable any time you visit Janek Zai, so keep going and eventually you’ll be able to make Transfusion Grenades any time you want.

Each Transfusion Grenade costs one Omnistone and two Heart Lilly to craft. Both of these are easily obtained while out on hunts, provided you take some time to explore and collect them. Once you have what you need, return to Janek Zai and you can craft all the Transfusion Grenades you want.

Now that you know how to get Transfusion Grenades, feel free to browse our many other Dauntless guides. We have beginner tips to get you started, or a comprehensive list of elemental weaknesses to help you prepare for each fight.

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