Sea of Thieves tabletop RPG available to pre-order

Bring the pirate's life home to your coffee table with the Sea of Thieves RPG.

Batten down the hatches because the Sea of Thieves tabletop RPG is bringing an ocean of miscreants unbidden into your home.

Rare's open-ocean treasure hunting game is being converted into a roleplaying adventure for fans of pen, paper and those little dice you roll instead of clicking on things.

The conversion is at the hands of Mongoose Publishing, a British gamemaker known for their previous tabletops Paranoia and the Judge Dredd RPG, teaming up with Rare for a thoroughly British conquering of the seafaring roleplayer collective.

The ruleset is said to be designed for "quick, immersive roleplaying that favours action, problem-solve and above all, fun!" That fun will involve assaulting skeleton forts and discovering long lost secrets in the caves of tropical islands, or battling vicious storms and escaping from the dreaded Kraken.

For fans of Sea of Thieves who pre-order the game now for £30 ($50) for ebook rules and £60 ($90) for the physical box set ahead of its October 2019 release, they'll also receive a code for the Lord Guardian sails to redeem in-game on Xbox or PC.

You can find more on how to purchase the Sea of Thieves tabletop RPG at Mongoose's store, where there are also a set of dice for sale.


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