How to get Heroic Dye in Dauntless

The best way for farm for Heroic Dye in Dauntless.

Players looking to have the best armor in Dauntless will likely find themselves wondering how to get Heroic Dye. Similar to other Dye types in Dauntless, Heroic Dye lets you customize your armor sets and show other players your skill level and dedication. Plus, they look pretty cool as well. Having a hard time finding Heroic Dye? Read on to learn how you can get Heroic Dye in Dauntless!

How to Get Heroic Dye in Dauntless

To get Heroic Dye in Dauntless, you'll need to defeat Heroic Behemoth types.
To get Heroic Dye in Dauntless, you'll need to defeat Heroic Behemoth types.
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There are two different ways to get Heroic Dye and other Dye types in Dauntless. If you’re uninterested in spending money on Platinum currency, you’ll need to grind your way through the game. In particular, Heroic Dye can only be obtained as a rare drop from Heroic Behemoths. Unlike regular Behemoths, Heroic Behemoths deal more damage and are harder to bring down.

You also obtain different loot after defeating Heroic Behemoth variants. For example, defeating the Heroic Dreadfrost Boreus will give you a chance to obtain a Dreadfrost Shard. As expected, defeating different Heroic Behemoths also gives you a chance to get your hands on different Heroic Dye types.

Due to the rarity of Heroic Dye, you may need to fight several Heroic Behemoths before you’re rewarded with Heroic Dye for your armor. Looking for a specific color? Below, we’ve listed all Heroic Dye types and their associated Heroic Behemoth.

  • Bloodfire (Heroic Dye) - Heroic Bloodfire Embermane
  • Dominion (Heroic Dye) - Heroic Dreadfrost Boreus
  • Eclipse (Heroic Dye) - Heroic Shrowd
  • Grievance (Heroic Dye) - Heroic Ragetail Gnasher
  • Opalescence (Heroic Dye) - Heroic Valomyr
  • Plume (Heroic Dye) - Heroic Moonreaver Shrike
  • Progenitor (Heroic Dye) - Razorwing Kharabak
  • Riftborn (Heroic Dye) - Heroic Riftstalke
  • r Rockstar (Heroic Dye) - Heroic Shockjaw Nayzaga
  • Smoulder (Heroic Dye) - Heroic Firebrand Charogg
  • Sovereign (Heroic Dye) - Heroic Koshai
  • Subzero (Heroic Dye) - Heroic Frostback Pangar
  • Supernova (Heroic Dye) - Heroic Rezakiri
  • Unbreakable (Heroic Dye) - Rockfall Skarn
  • Vicious (Heroic Dye) - Heroic Deadeye Quillshot
  • Wildfire (Heroic Dye) - Heroic Scorchstone Hellion

Once you have Heroic Dye, you can open your menu in Dauntless, select Loadout, select the armor piece you wish to customize, then select Dye and Transmog. In your list of Dye options, you’ll find the Heroic Dye options along with other Dye types. Again, Heroic Dye can only be obtained from Heroic Behemoths. For things like Premium Dye, you can purchase various options in the Store in exchange for Platinum currency.

Now that you know how to get Heroic Dye in Dauntless, be sure to check out some of our other guides including how to get Shrowd Armor in Dauntless, how to get Jagged Tailspike in Dauntless, and how to use Lanterns in Dauntless.

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