How to get Claw Shell Fragments in Dauntless

If you're upgrading Kharabak gear then you'll need to collect Claw Shell Fragments, so here's how to do it in Dauntless.

Hunting Behemoths in Dauntless is a dangerous job, but it’s worth it to get those much-needed parts for upgrading weapons. If you’ve been upgrading Kharabak gear, you might have run into a certain hiccup at level +10 called Claw Shell Fragments. This part is a rather vague description, given many of Dauntless’ Behemoths have claws for you to break. If you’re struggling with this part, allow us to help by teaching you how to get Claw Shell Fragments in Dauntless.

How to get Claw Shell Fragments in Dauntless.

How to get Claw Shell Fragments in Dauntless
Smash the Kharabak's arms to earn yourself some Claw Shell Fragments in Dauntless. © Phoenix Labs

Claw Shell Fragments are a common drop that is earned by breaking the front limbs of a Kharabak. You should have unlocked the Kharabak Pursuit already if you’ve reached a point where you need Claw Shell Fragments, but in case you’re not sure, it’s the large flying bug enemy. Kharabak is a Threat Level +6 Terra Behemoth. If you’re not familiar with Elemental Weaknesses, that means you want a Shock weapon to deal extra damage here.

The Kharaback is actually a bit of pain to break limbs on, as it zips around the battlefield and often raises its front up. What you want to aim for are the hind legs, which are often hidden by the scissor hands it makes slicing motions with. If you want to break the parts fastest, make use of slashing weapons to get that extra Part damage. A War Pike may be of use here to wound the part, but because they’re so hard to hit, we recommend the Chain Blades or Sword instead. As with any part, you're not guaranteed to get it with the break, but given the Claw Shell Fragment is a common drop you can expect to receive it most of the time when you break the right part. 

The Kharabak can be interrupted quite easily when it does its charge attack, so having someone with a Hammer can help too. If you manage to interrupt it, have your team focus on its arms while it’s down. The main trick of the Kharaback is turning invisible, but you’ll still be able to see it pretty well. Just be careful not to get too greedy as reading the attack patterns is tougher during this phase. Take a look at the video below by Sh4d0wStrider for some tips on how to beat him. If you’re already at a high level, try facing the Threat Level 10 Razorwing Kharabak as this may make for a more entertaining challenge. 

Now that you know how to get Claw Shell Fragments in Dauntless, you can boost your Kharabak gear to the highest levels. While you’re here, take a look at the rest of our Dauntless guides for more crafting advice or general tips and tricks.

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