Rainbow Six Quarantine due to be announced at E3 2019

Rumors suggest Ubisoft set to announce surprise PvE title, Rainbow Six Quarantine, at E3.

A new rumor indicates that Ubisoft will announce a new title called Rainbow Six Quarantine during E3.

According to video game insider Nibel, Ubisoft’s previously cancelled sci-fi title named Pioneer was reworked into a co-op shooter in the Rainbow Six Siege engine. A later tweet suggests the new title will be named Quarantine, and looks set to be a PvE Rainbow Six game.

Given Rainbow Six Siege’s continued success, and the fact that Ubisoft dabbled in co-op for the game during the Outbreak event last year, releasing a fully co-op PvE title would make a lot of sense. Given the work Ubisoft has put into building a universe and characters for Rainbow Six Siege, we expect to see several of the game’s operators make an appearance in Quarantine.

We’ll likely need to wait until the Ubisoft press conference on Monday to learn more, but we’re interested to know if this new game will follow in Outbreak’s monster-slaying footsteps, or mark a return to the tactical planning and execution from Rainbow Six games of old. The name Quarantine indicates the former could be more likely, but we'll update you as soon as we know more from the conference itself.

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