Gears of War 5 releases September 10 with 3-player co-op Escape mode

Gears of War 5 release date revealed in E3 2019 presentation.

Gears of War 5 release date is set for September 10, with a 3-player co-op mode called Escape to keep you and a couple of friends occupied.

The Escape mode has you and two pals fighting to shut down hives of the locust. If you're excited about that, there'll be a Gears 5 multiplayer technical test on July 17, and a Horde Mode technical test later this summer on August 19, for you to check out the gameplay before release.

Also, if you pre-order the game and play in the first week you'll get this fetching Terminator Dark Fate character pack, because it's the future I guess and Skynet won?

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