Who is Ikumi Nakamura, Ghostwire: Tokyo Director?

The Ghostwire: Tokyo director has taken the internet by storm, so let's take a look at Ikumi Nakamura's work in the gaming industry!

Ghostwire: Tokyo was a surprise treat during Bethesda’s E3 2019 press conference, thanks in small part to the nerves, energy and genuine excitement offered by its creative director Ikumi Nakamura during her short stint on stage. It’s safe to say the the internet quickly fell in love with her passion and authentic delivery. For many viewers, Bethesda’s conference was their first introduction to Tango Games’ Nakamura, but she’s a name of extensive experience in the industry, and one to watch for the future. Let’s take a look at who Ikumi Nakamura is and her history in the industry.

Who is Ikumi Nakamura, Ghostwire: Tokyo Director?

Who is Ikumi Nakamura Ghostwire: Tokyo Director
Ikumi Nakamura presents Ghostwire: Tokyo at Bethesda's E3 2019 press conference. © Bethesda

As the internet has been quick to point out following her sudden popularity Ikumi Nakamura has extensive experience as a concept artist, having worked on Okami at Capcom and Bayonetta at PlatinumGames. At Tango Games she became apprentice director under horror legend Shinji Mikami, and was the lead artist on The Evil Within, responsible for both key characters and such horror-inducing creations as these:

Since the initial reveal of Ghostwire: Tokyo, many Twitter users have been highlighting Nakamura’s previous work, including her footnote from The Evil Within art book. Naturally, this being Twitter, there’s also been plenty of adorable fan art made of Nakamura too, which it seems she’s taken to heart.

As someone who’s worked closely with, and been recognized by horror legend Shinji Mikami, Ikumi Nakamura is certainly one to watch for the future, especially for fans of the survival horror genre. Many have seen her role as director for Ghostwire: Tokyo as the passing of the torch from Mikami to Nakamura.

Ghostwire: Tokyo follows the mysterious disappearance of many people across Tokyo. An action adventure title, you’ll investigate the strange goings-on, interacting with otherworldly spirits both friendly and malign. There’s no gameplay out there yet, but you can check out the trailer above. Ghostwire: Tokyo may not be a new survival horror game from Tango Games, but don’t worry, Ikumi Nakamura assures us that it’ll definitely be spooky:

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