Side-scrolling coin-toss-em-up, Kingdom, is now on Switch

More money in the Switch's purse.

2015’s Kingdom and its gorgeous pixel art are now available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $14.99 USD.

The updated title, Kingdom: New Lands plants players as a monarchical lady on a horse, able to spends coins to help develop her Kingdom. Your only means of interaction is to throw a limited supply coins onto the ground or into projects, and you’re left to use them as you please. A handful of your change in the right place can progress a village to castle, or recruit people to your cause to fend of monstrous threats.

New Lands sees you eventually construct ships and travel to far-flung places where you can start anew. The end game has its issues, but for a relatively cheap price, exploring the gorgeous land and experimenting with the influence your money can swing is a novel and enjoyable experience.

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