Link's Awakening release date, dungeon creator revealed

New E3 2019 trailer shows off new create a dungeon feature and reveals the release date.

A new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening has reaveled the release date as September 20.

Along with some new footage, the trailer also shows a new dungeon building feature that will let you piece together parts of a dungeon from rooms you've collected during your travels, then enter it to explore and earn rewards!  Check it out below in the new E3 2019 Links' Awakening trailer:

The new trailer gives us another extended look at the gorgeous art of the Link's Awakening remake, which only has us even more excited to jump back into the weirdest Zelda game there's every been (we're ignoring Zelda 2, understandably). For more Nintendo and E3 2019 coverage, stay tuned with us here at AllGamers and on YouTube and Twitter too to catch more E3 2019 details.

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