Animal Crossing New Horizons delays our flight to 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons on Nintendo Switch will arrive March 20, 2020.

Animal Crossing New Horizons on Switch is all about camping on an island getaway, but won't arrive in 2019 to whisk us away to paradise.

The Animal Crossing New Horizons release date has been moved to March 20, 2020 to allow for the team to complete our package holiday.

Koizumi apologized for the delay, but insists it is to make sure the game is as good as possible when it arrives.

In the first trailer of Animal Crossing New Horizons we saw a tent being set up on an island getaway, courtesy of our friend Tom Nook who has moved into the travel agency business.

Apparently our luxury camping holiday will cost us 49,800 bells, but will include a NookPhone. We're not sure we want a phone to interrupt our nice camping holiday on an island, but I guess it's an easy way to keep up with our repayments on this expensive holiday loan. 

The game begins with you staying in a tent, that you choose where to pitch on the deserted island. Tom Nook graciously provides you with a camp bed, radio and a gas lamp as well, but that's it. Thanks Tom.

The game works on a universal timer, as with other games the seasons change throughout the year, too. However in this version you can also switch to the southern hemisphere for the seasons to be flipped.

A new function in the game is Nook Miles, which work similarly to Air Miles. Completing an activity or challenge will earn you Miles, which can then be used to redeem for rewards like items or other activities. You earn a lot of Nook Miles by flying there originally, but you need to complete activities for the rest of them. Some of the activities are things that weren't rewarded in previous games, like weeding your town.

You can call a friend in to help you out on the NookPhone, which will allow you to play together. If your friend already has a house on your island then they can join your game and play with you. You can play with a friend by sharing a Joy-Con with them, playing in 2 Joy-Con mode. Multiplayer will be same system, local wireless and online.

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