How to go faster in Roller Champions

A quick guide on how to gain speed and go faster in Roller Champions.

If you've been checking out Ubisoft's surprise E3 2019 roller derby demo, you might be wondering how to go faster in Roller Champions. There are some skaters who just seem to come out of nowhere and bulldoze you while you're stood still trying to get to grips with the Roller Champions PC controls. Well wonder no longer as we've come up with some surefire ways to have you blazing around the rink in no time. Here's how to go faster in Roller Champions and gain speed quicker to get those all important laps.

How to go faster in Roller Champions

How to go faster in Roller Champions
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The main aim in Roller Champions is to go fast, get laps and score goals. More laps mean more points when you manage to get that shot on goal lined up, so gaining speed quickly is crucial to getting good scores. The basic way of gaining speed in Roller Champions is to hold RT/R2 (or Shift on keyboard) to skate. This sets you up at a nice cruising speed of around 30kph, which is really nothing to write home about. However if you manage to climb your way up one of the stadiums half-pipe walls, you can then hold LT/L2 (or Ctrl) to tuck down on your knees and bomb down the slope. Like this! (Get up to 120kph and then smash into the ball carrier for a Very Angry opponent).

Essentially, gaining speed on your own is a rhythm of skating up sides and then crouching to gain speed as you go down. Using this method you can weave your way along the circuit solo at pretty decent speeds, between 70-80kph if you get the timing right and use the end wall curve for a good straight shot down the final stretch.

However a more effective way of getting up to speed quicker and going faster in Roller Champions is to team up with your friends (and sometimes your enemies). Roller Champions has a drafting system which allows you to sit in someone's slipstream and hold down the skate button to gain speed. You'll eventually start to see your skates glow brighter and lines come off your characters body to indicate you've achieved Maximum Draft. If you all skate together, three members of a team, you can get over 100kph without having to snake your way up the walls and boost down them.

If you get lucky (or skillful) enough you can combine crouch-pumping to really put on some extra speed. You can also use the Tackle or Dodge (X/Square) button to swiftly change direction, which can be useful to cut the corners at either end of the stadium if you time it right.

Try using a combination of drafting with your team to catch up or evade the other team, and if you get caught out on your own before your friends can team up use the pumping technique. That should help you go a lot faster in Roller Champions.


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