The Winterhorn Skraev returns to Dauntless with fresh plumage

The Winterhorn Skraev has been reworked and is heading back to Dauntless.

The frozen-feathered Winterhorn Skraev will be returning to Dauntless alongside its Nintendo Switch release, it seems.

A new trailer shows the reworked Winterhorn Skraev, which was removed from the game before its console release last month during beta in order to update the behemoth for a fresh debut.

The icy owl appears to have a slightly fancier coat and plumage, as well as some deadly looking moves to avoid while you try to get its valuable parts. A few of them may even be necessary for crafting Exotic weapons in Dauntless, after its reintroduction.

Here's an early look at what the newly redesigned Winterhorn Skraev looks like in Dauntless, as well as a brief reminder that it'll be coming to Nintendo Switch soon.

What do you think of the new Winterhorn Skraev in Dauntless? Will you be on the hunt for it as soon as Dauntless releases on Nintendo Switch?


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