How to get Styling items in BTS World

Explaining how the BTS World game awards new items for the game's Styling activity.

In BTS World, one thing that’s not clearly explained is how to get new Styling items. As a side activity for BTS World players, Styling lets you customize each member of BTS. Styling items include hairstyles, tops, bottoms, and backgrounds. If you’re working on having all 7 members look their best, but are struggling to unlock new Styling items, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining how to get new Styling items in BTS World!

How to Get Styling Items in BTS World

You can get new Styling items in BTS World by playing through Story Missions.
You can get new Styling items in BTS World by playing through Story Missions.
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In BTS World, there’s a side activity for players called Styling where you can customize the 7 members of BTS with various outfit items. As you play through the game’s main story, you’ll slowly earn new Styling items which range from hairstyles to tops, bottoms, and backgrounds. To unlock new Styling items, you’ll specifically need to play through the game’s Story Missions.

When attempting these Story Missions, you’ll be able to earn a score ranging from 1 to 3 Stars. In order to get all Styling items available in the game, you’ll need to earn 3 Stars in every single Story Mission. Each time you get a 3-Star completion, you’ll get a new Styling item. In some instances, the Styling item you get relates to who’s being focused on in that part of the Chapter.

However, other Styling items appear a bit more randomized. Once you’ve earned a few Styling items, you can apply them by heading to the Main Lobby and tapping the + button at the bottom of your screen. Next, choose the “Styling” menu option. Inside of the Styling menu, you can swipe through the members of BTS.

When you find the member you wish to Style, look at the bottom right corner. There, you’ll see a “Closet” option. Tap Closet, then tap the “Sets” dropdown menu to view different Styling categories. For example, you can select “Hair” to try out new hairstyles, or “Tops” to change up the member’s outfit. When you change something, be sure to hit “Apply” to save your changes, otherwise the Styling will revert back to default.

Overall, the Styling component of BTS World is a fun way to customize your favorite members of BTS. To recap, Styling items are awarded when you get a 3-Star completion in a Story Mission available through the main campaign of BTS World.

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