How to add friends in BTS World

Share Wings and your BTS love with your friends by learning how to add them in BTS World.

In BTS World, it’s worth taking the time to learn how to add friends. Not only can you add people you know, you can also add other players at random. Along with achievement rewards for adding friends, you have the ability to give and receive free Wings each day. Using Wings, you’ll be able to attempt more Chapter Missions in BTS World. Confused? We’ve got you covered! Below, we’ll walk you through how to add friends in BTS World.

How to Add Friends in BTS World

In the Friends menu of BTS World, you can add friends at random, from Facebook, or add someone using their unique Friend Code.
In the Friends menu of BTS World, you can add friends at random, from Facebook, or add someone using their unique Friend Code.
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As noted above, you have the ability to add friends both from a random pool of players and people you know in BTS World. The biggest benefit to having friends is the ability to give and receive Wings. It costs nothing to send Wings to friends (it won’t pull from your pool of Wings). If you have enough friends added, you’ll be able to receive enough Wings to play through more Chapter Missions per day than you would normally.

To add friends in BTS World, you’ll need to tap the “+” button at the bottom of your screen, then select the “Friends” option. Here, you’ll find a few different tabs. Your Friends List shows who you’re already friends with. By tapping the symbol underneath each person’s username, you’ll be able to send them Wings.

The next tab has the Facebook symbol. By selecting this tab, you’ll be able to connect your Facebook account and add friends from Facebook. Next, you have “Add Friends” which shows a random pool of BTS World users. You can send Friend Requests to these people individually, or select “Request All” at the bottom right side of your screen to add everyone.

The “Accept” tab lets you confirm Friend Requests sent to you by random players. Note that there is a limit to how many friends you can add in BTS World (50 friends max). If someone who’s already reached their limit tries to add you, you won’t be able to confirm their request. You can remove the request by tapping “X” to delete the request.

If you reach the limit, you won’t be able to add new friends and will need to remove friends from your current Friends List in order to add more people. Finally, if you’re struggling to find someone to add, every BTS World member has their own Friend Code. To find your Friend Code, head to the Main Lobby then select your profile photo at the top left corner.

Under your Level and username, you’ll see “My Code” which people can use to add you directly. For example, my Friend Code is UUFNAJY. To add someone with their Friend Code, return to the Friends menu, tab over to “Add Friends” and enter the Friend Code in the search bar under the tab menu. When entered correctly, you’ll be able to find someone directly and can then send them a friend request!

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