Can you take screenshots in BTS World?

A look at whether or not you can save and share your activities in BTS World through screenshots.

BTS World is a fun mobile game where you’re able to manage BTS, though there are plenty of things you can’t do. As some players might’ve noticed, the app doesn’t seem to allow for screenshots. Of course, there are a few screenshots of the game floating around the net, making the situation rather confusing.

Is there a way to take screenshots? Can you bypass the screenshot block? Below, we’ve explained whether you can actually take screenshots in BTS World!

Can You Take Screenshots in BTS World?

Netmarble has a screenshot block in place that prevents you from taking in-game screenshots of BTS World gameplay.
Netmarble has a screenshot block in place that prevents you from taking in-game screenshots of BTS World gameplay.
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The quick answer to the question of whether you can take screenshots in BTS World is no, you can’t. Included with the game is a screenshot block that prevents you from taking and saving screenshots of BTS World. There are no areas in-game that allow screenshots to be taken, with an error message appearing each time you try.

It’s definitely possible to bypass this screenshot block, as other BTS World players have uploaded some of their screenshots online. However, as Quora user Cheryl points out, bypassing the block and publishing screenshots to social media is strictly forbidden. In the image Cheryl posts, Netmarble has a copyright notice which makes it clear that “the publishing or sharing of captured in-game content is subject to legal ramifications.”

This makes sense, as BTS World is full of exclusive content from photos to videos of BTS. To avoid gamers from spoiling pieces of exclusive content, Netmarble has included a screenshot and capture block with the game. By downloading and agreeing to the Terms of Service, you agree not to screenshot and share captured in-game content.

To recap, no you can’t take screenshots in BTS World. It’s possible to bypass the screenshot block, but it’s strictly against the rules to do so, and could result in “legal ramifications” according to developer Netmarble.

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