Stranger Things portals appear in Fortnite, here's where to find them

Stranger Things portals pop up throughout Fortnite's Mega Mall, here's where you can find them.

Fortnite and Stranger Things are colliding as portals are popping up all throughout the Mega Mall a day before the third season of the Netflix thriller goes live. We've tracked down where to find the Stranger Things portals in Fortnite.

With just one day left until we resume our investigation of the strange goings on in Hawkins, portals looking identical to those that Eleven and the gang head through to visit the Upside Down have started appearing in Fortnite.

The portals can be found in several units in the Mega Mall, and entering one of them warps you instantly to another of the portals. It remains to be seen if entering the portals during Stranger Things Season 3 takes us directly to the Upside Down or not.

Where to find the Stranger Things portals in Fortnite

If you want to know exactly where to find the Stranger Things portals in Fortnite, head to Mega Mall and you'll find one in the storage room, one in Flush Factory above where it spawns the chest, one in the Scoops Ahoy in the back storage area, one near the TV/computer store, one in the bathroom which teleports you to another one somewhere in an empty space of the Mega Mall, and one more in the music store under the second floor.

In the area near each portal you can see an ash-like particle effect, just like in the TV show, which is a nice touch ahead of Stranger Things Season 3's July 4 release. There will also be a Stranger Things game released on the same day, so we're having a real Independence Day party here.

Now you know where to find the Stranger Things portals in Fortnite, perhaps you can be the one to defeat a demigorgon with a pickaxe?


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