Daemon X Machina limited edition comes with a mech (for Europeans and Australians)

The Daemon X Machina Orbital limited edition has a steelbook, artbook and 18cm mech statue.

The Daemon X Machina collector's edition in Europe and Australia will come with some extremely radical extras, which is a shame for pilots outside those territories.

Inside the Daemon X Machina Orbital Limited Edition you'll find a fetching steelbook, 100-page artbook, the game itself, and an 18cm tall Arsenal statue all packed up inside a hangar-style box with compartment to display said statue.

It looks like all the goodies you could expect from a game with bombastic mech-flying and fighting action as Daemon X Machina, which will arrive on September 13. The Orbital Limited Edition will be available at launch, and you can also pre-order some gigantic Joy-Con made for Daemon X Machina by controller experts HORI.

We've yet to see what the Daemon X Machina limited editions will include outside of Europe and Australia, but if you get the chance to pick up the Orbital Limited Edition it's probably a good deal. If you're really into mechs and showing them off in a celebration of your interests and hobbies.


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