Nintendo Switch Online NES games to get a Rewind feature soon

The new Rewind feature for Nintendo Switch Online NES games will let you scroll back through your actions to choose a starting point, even after dying!

Every NES game included in the Nintendo Switch Online membership will get a Rewind feature on July 17, Nintendo has revealed.

Arriving with the next batch of NES titles, the new addition will allow players to rewind their game by holding down the ZL and ZR buttons. This can be used to rewind unfortunate mistakes or deaths so that you can try over. Otherwise, you can simply to replay a section you’ve enjoyed as many times as you like! 

It should make some of the more challenging titles in the NES catalogue a heck of a lot easier, but the system is entirely optional if you’d rather put your old-school skills to the test.

The Rewind feature is similar to that from the SNES Mini, letting you scroll through a timeline of your actions to pick a point to continue from whenever you’d like in the level. Combined with save states, it’s now much more user-friendly to blast through those classic but often challenging NES titles. Check it out in the short video below:

The Rewind features will arrive alongside Donkey Kong 3 and The Wrecking Crew on July 17. It’s available to anyone who has a Nintendo Switch Online membership, and will work with the full catalogue of NES games on the service. 

In other Nintendo Switch Online membership news, it was recently announced that Tetris 99 will soon be getting an offline multiplayer mode as part of the DLC 2 pack. If you haven’t paid for the service yet, don’t forget that there’s a still a Twitch Prime deal going on that’ll let you earn up to a year for free! You’ll need it if you want to take on Super Mario Maker 2 levels made by other users, so don’t miss out!

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