How to get Hearts in Dr. Mario World

The best way to get more Hearts if you run out in Dr. Mario World.

In Dr. Mario World, one of the most common questions players ask is how to get Hearts. Using Hearts, you’ll be able to play levels and progress through the game. Think of Hearts like an energy source in Dr. Mario World. By playing the game, you’ll use and earn back Hearts. Use all of your Hearts up, and you’ll need to work to acquire more, or wait until they reset. Confused? Here’s how to get more hearts in Dr. Mario World!

How to get Hearts in Dr. Mario World

How to get more Hearts in Dr. Mario World.
There are a few different ways in which you can get more Hearts in Dr. Mario World including waiting 30 minutes per Heart, and receiving Hearts from your friends. 
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Hearts are an important resource in Dr. Mario World, meaning you’ll need to learn how to get more once you run out. Every level costs 1 Heart to play, and if you’re able to beat the level, you’ll receive a Heart. If you’re able to beat levels, Hearts shouldn’t be a problem for you to manage. However, if you run into a particularly difficult section, you’ll lose Hearts fast.

If you run out of Hearts, you’ll need to earn more if you want to keep playing. While some methods of earning Hearts are relatively simple – such as waiting the necessary amount of time for them to replenish organically – there are other options available. For example, you can gift and receive Hearts from your friends. Below, we’ve listed ways in which you can get Hearts in Dr. Mario World.

  • Take a break, 1 Heart will refill every 30 minutes.
  • Receive Hearts as a gift from friends in Dr. Mario World, or Facebook friends.
  • Check your Daily Gifts in the Shop for a chance to earn a Heart.
  • Buy your Heart refills in exchange for Diamonds. Note that Diamonds cost real money with 5 Hearts priced at 10 Diamonds, or $1 (USD). You can also buy an hour of infinite play for 30 Diamonds, or $3 (USD).

The best ways to get more Hearts in Dr. Mario World include waiting, and having your friends send some to you either in-game or on Facebook. These methods are free and easy. If you’ve exhausted all other options, Hearts can also be purchased in exchange for Diamonds, with Diamonds serving as microtransactions in Dr. Mario World.

Now that you know how to get more Hearts in Dr. Mario World, be sure to check out our other guide where we break down a list of all the characters available in Dr. Mario World!

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