All Dragon Quest Builders 2 set recipes

All the set recipes in Dragon Quest Builders 2 laid out for you to put together, like an Ikea flatpack manual.

In Dragon Quest Builders 2 set recipes exist to help you put together units larger than single pieces of furniture or decorations, which then make up rooms. It's sort of like a furniture combo, or a Voltron of interior decorating. You can put together various set recipes in order to beef up the Luxury rating of your rooms, or even just to complete some of Dragon Quest Builders 2's secret room recipes. Here are all the Dragon Quest Builders 2 set recipes we've found so far, and what you need to create them.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Set Recipes

Dragon Quest Builders 2 all set recipes
All set recipes in Dragon Quest Builders 2 © Square Enix

Fiery Frying Pan: Place a Frying Pan (x1) on top of a Bonfire (x1).

Dining Table: Place any Decorative Food Dish (x1) on top of a Table (x1) with a Chair (x1) next to it.

Buffet: Place a Crock Pot (Meat/Potato stew + Iron Ingot + Cotton) and Crockery (x1) on top of a Large Table (x1).

King's Banquet: Place any Decorative Food Dishes (x4) and Candelabras (x2) on top of a King's Table (x1) with Fancy Chairs (x4) facing the dishes.

Meal: Place 1 Salad with Soup (cabbage + tomato salad, pumpkin + milk soup, crockery), Fish Platter (sardine + oil + 2xCrockery) OR Meat Platter (Unicorn Bunny steak + crockery, Beef + Dragon Meat + Wasabi + Corn + Wooden tableware + Iron Ingot), Basket of Bread (2x Bread + wood) and a Flagon on a table. That's a massive meal.

Onsen Bath: 10 blocks of Onsen Water, Scattered Petals (x1) OR Lion Fountain (x1).

Swimming Pool: 10 blocks of Pure Water, Ladder inside pool to climb out (x1).

Cocktail Counter: Bar Counter (x1) with Stools (x4) next to it and a Cocktail Shaker (x1) on top.

Simple Sippers Set: A table (x1) with a chair (x1) and a Flagon on top of the table.

Social Sippers Set: Chairs (x4) around any Large Table (x1) with Flagons (x4) on top of the table.

Card Table: A set of Playing Cards (x1) on top of a Table (x1) and any Chairs (x2) placed across from each other.

Medication Station: A Crate (x1) with a First Aid Kit (x1) and any Chair (x1).

"STARMAIN": Place Firework Canons (x3) next to each other and they'll fire in tandem.

Dracky Totem: Stack Dracky Totems (x3) on top of each other to make a fearsome Totem Pole.

Slime Stack: Stack any Stackable Slimes (x3) on top of each other) for a slightly less fearsome Totem Pole.

Tree Swing: Put a Swing (x1) in a Tree (x1). Job's done.

Potted Plant: Place a Flower (x1) on top of any type of Pot or Planter (x1).

Station: Place a Stop Sign (x1) at the end of a Rail Track (x1) and your cart won't fly off the end.

Darty Party: Place Dartboards (x3) in a row on a wall.

Playable Piano: Place a Chair (x1) next to a Grand Piano (x1) exactly where you think it should go if you wanted to play it without getting back problems.

Now that you know all set recipes in Dragon Quest Builders 2 you know basically all the parts you need to make every room recipe in the game too, how about you get started on making your dream town then?


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