Apex Legends update 1.15 patch notes

Havoc fixes and Stat removals are included in the 1.15 update patch notes for Apex Legends.

A new update hit the Apex Legends servers today, and a new patch means new patch notes to come with them. Thankfully Respawn Entertainment has always been quick to share what they’ve been tweaking in each up update, so we already have the full Apex Legends 1.15 Patch notes.

Apex Legends update 1.15 patch notes

Apex Legends update 1.15 patch notes
Update 1.15 has only a short list of patch notes. © Respawn Entertainment

The 1.15 update patch notes for Apex Legends are brief and to the point, centering on fixes for a small selection of bugs and exploits. 

The biggest points to note are that the Havoc exploit which let it fire full auto without a wind-up has been removed (no, not the hop-up, that’s legit), and the problem in which players were being sent to the wrong data servers has also been fixed. If you were finding yourself on laggy servers with the red “high ping” notification constantly in the top right constantly, this update might help you out! 

In other news, the Season 1 stats have been temporarily removed while a few issues are sorted, so don’t panic if you can’t find all your kills and wins. Here’s the full list:

  • Fixed issue where Lifeline’s D.O.C.'s Shock Finisher preview video not playing when viewed from the menu.
  • Fixed issue with text overflow on the stats page.
  • Fixed some cases of crashes related to game logic, client, and script errors.
  • Fixed cases of players being set in non-optimal data centers.
  • Season 1 stats have been temporarily removed as we work on some issues with it.
  • Fixed bug where players would unlock the level 94 Battle Pass reward before they should [Octane’s loading screen].
  • Fixed exploit where the HAVOC could fire full auto without charging up.
  • Fixed some cases of the Care Package clipping through map geometry.

In the Reddit post for the update, Respawn Devs also made a couple of brief comments about anti-cheat systems. Namely that anyone who’s found obviously partying up with cheaters will also receive the same ban time as the cheating player. This should stop low level accounts from enabling cheats to boost higher-rank players.

That’s all for the Apex Legends update 1.15 patch notes, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated when any other changes hit Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale. While you’re here, be sure to take a look at the rest of the Apex Legends content we’ve got for more news, tips and tricks!

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