World of Warships is awarding $10,000 to top recruiter

The World of Warships Recruitment Rumble is in full swing and achieving milestones will earn some sweet Amazon Credits to spend.

Recruitment season has gone to the next level in World of Warships, and there’s no better time for eligible players to get their friends, family, enemies, and frenemies to sail alongside (or against) them in high-seas combat. The game has kicked off its Recruitment Rumble event, which rewards players for bringing Shipmates aboard. Best of all, players can earn Amazon Credits for reaching milestones, with top Recruiters receiving up to $10,000 in Amazon Credits. 

In order to qualify as a Recruiter, you need to have fought a minimum of 15 battles in World of Warships. Once that’s done, it’s time to get people on board. Visit the game’s Recruiting Station to receive a customized invitation link that you can send to others. You can send it to both people whoare completely new to the game and lapsed players who haven’t sailed in over 90 days. 

Sending three invitations out via social media earns you your first reward. You’ll also receive 400 recruitment points for the first person who accepts your invitation and becomes a Shipmate. These points can be exchanged for Recruiting Station containers that have ships, flags, doubloons, credits, and other loot inside.

But earning the Amazon Credits means stepping things up by putting your Shipmates to work to achieve milestones. Each Shipmate only has one milestone for the event, which differs according to whether they’re new or returning players.  

Shipmate milestones are:

  • Newcomers (Never played the game): Fight at least one non-training battle in a non-Premium Tier VI ship.
  • Veteran (Hasn't played the game in 90+ days): Win 25 or more non-training battles in Tier IV or higher ships.

Recruiters will earn premium rewards from milestones immediately, and don’t worry if you started recruiting before the event started. All milestone earned by Shipmates who joined after June 4, 2019 count!

Here is the breakdown of rewards:

  • 1-10 Shipmate Milestones — $10 each
  • 11-100 Shipmate Milestones — $15 each
  • 101+ Shipmate Milestones — $20 each

In short, if 9 of your Shipmates achieve their milestones during the Recruitment Rumble, you’ll walk away with $90 (9 x $10) in Amazon Credits. Pulling in 17 milestones earns you $255 (17 x $15), and so on. 

But the big prizes go to the top 5 Recruiters of the event, ranked according to milestones achieved. The Recruiter with the most Shipmate milestones earns $10,000 in Amazon Credits on top the base milestone rewards! 

<<Recruitment Rumble Top 5 Rewards Image>>

The Recruitment Rumble ends on August 1 at 4:20 am PT / 7:20 am ET, so get moving if you want to earn those rewards! 

The event is only valid on North American server accounts in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. Full terms and conditions can be found here.


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