How to spend Marks in Dauntless

What to do with your Marks if the Lady Luck shop is closed in Dauntless.

With the Fortune and Glory update in Dauntless comes new features including the ability to earn currency called Marks through Trials and then spend that currency at the Lady Luck shop. However, some Dauntless players are finding the Lady Luck Store closed. Wondering what the deal is with the Lady Luck shop being closed, and how to spend your Marks in Dauntless? Here’s what you need to know!

How to spend Marks in Dauntless

How to spend Marks at Lady Luck's shop in Dauntless.
Marks earned by completing Trials in Dauntless can only be spent at Lady Luck's shop.
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In Dauntless, the new “Marks” currency is earned by completing weekly challenges called Trials can only be spent at the Lady Luck shop. You can’t spend Marks anywhere else in Dauntless. Recently, Phoenix Labs announced the need to temporarily close the Lady Luck Store as a result of a Marks currency bug.

While closing the Lady Luck Store is certainly a pain, as you won’t be able to spend your Marks until it reopens, Phoenix Labs has been incredibly transparent about the situation on social media. In a tweet, Phoenix Labs explained: “We have temporarily closed Lady Luck’s shop in order to work on an issue with Marks (Trials currency). Once we have a fix in place (time TBD), we’ll update here and let you know. The Trials themselves will remain open. Thanks for your patience.”

With the above notice from Phoenix Labs as reference, the Marks currency bug is solely responsible for the temporary closure of Lady Luck’s shop. The Trials feature will remain open for players to work through and earn additional Marks, though players won’t be able to spend these Marks until Lady Luck’s shop has been reopened.

Be sure to keep an eye on the official Twitter account for Dauntless as patch notes and updates will be posted there as they’re made live in the game. Until then, we recommend holding on to your existing Marks and working through any uncompleted Trials you may have until the Lady Luck shop is back online.

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