Paladins update adds new playable character

A new Champion called Io is joining the roster of playable characters in Paladins.

The latest update for Paladins brings with it a new Battle Pass season and Champion. Officially joining Paladin’s roster of playable characters is Io, the Shattered Goddess. Io occupies the role of healer, though she also comes equipped with solid damage output in the form of a bow that’s perfect for fending off opponents. Accompanying her is a spirit fox named Luna who can also lend support in battle when needed.

Paladins update adds new playable character

Paladins update adds new playable character, Io.
The Sun and Moon update in Paladins adds a new playable character called Io, the Shattered Goddess. 
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We were able to give Io a try following her debut in Paladins and feel like she merges some of the best capabilities of characters like Cassie and Jenos. What sets her apart from other Champions though is her spirit fox, Luna. Think of Luna like a deployable (similar to Barik’s turrets) that will attack enemies marked by Io’s Light Bow.

In the patch notes for the Sun and Moon update, Io’s full abilities and overview are available to read through for players interested in checking her out. We’ve also listed these details below.

Io, the Shattered Goddess

  • Role: Support
  • Health: 2200
  • Weapon: Light Bow. Fires a 400 damage crescent every 0.6 seconds.
  • Alt-Fire: Moonlight. Hold and channel Moonlight into an ally, healing them for 135 every 0.15 seconds. Moonlight regenerates when not in use.
  • Ability #1 - Guardian Spirit: Summon Luna to fight alongside you. Luna will rush and stun enemies that have been marked by your Light Bow every 15 seconds. Luna can be resummoned to a new location every 8 seconds.
  • Ability #2 - Lunar Leap: Quickly leap backwards through the air.
  • Ultimate - Begone: Project an ethereal manifestation of Luna and send it forward. Enemies caught will be pulled along the travel path and take 800 damage when it collides with a wall.

Along with the release of Io, the Shattered Goddess, players can now work their way through the newest Battle Pass in Paladins. The new Battle Pass is called Shore Patrol and offers instant unlocks like the Shore Patrol Kinessa skin, the Beach Bash Loading Frame, and the Charming Animated Avatar.

You can purchase the Shore Patrol Battle Pass for 1500 Crystals, though players who don’t purchase the Battle Pass still have the ability to earn rewards similar to previous Battle Pass offerings in Paladins. After checking out the latest additions to Paladins, what are your thoughts? Are you eager to check out Io, the Shattered Goddess, or are you more interested in getting a jump on the Shore Patrol Battle Pass? Let us know down in the comments below!

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