Dauntless not loading after character creation? Phoenix Labs is working on a fix

Many players are stuck on an infinite loading screen after Dauntless' Fortune & Glory 0.9.0 update.

Dauntless 0.9.0 update saw the start of the Fortune & Glory hunt pass, introducing exciting new features such as the Island of Trials. One feature many players didn’t request was an infinite loading screen after completing the character creator. After spending ages designing a character exactly to your taste, no one wants to get stuck on a loading screen and lose their progress. Sadly a lot of Dauntless players are facing this barrier, but the good news is that it shouldn’t be long before a fix arrives.

Infinite loading after character creation in Dauntless

Dauntless not loading after character creation - infinite loading screen
© Phoenix Labs

If you’re finding yourself stuck on an infinite loading screen after finishing the character creator, we’re afraid to say that there’s no fix available just yet. The good news for those suffering is that developer Phoenix Labs has acknowledged on the Dauntless Twitter account that the issue is a priority they’re working on. Several problems have popped up with the launch of Fortune & Glory, but this is one of the biggest that needs addressing.

Today they suggested contacting Customer Support if you’re facing the issue, as they may be able to help you out, and it’ll help them solve the problem even more quickly.

The good news is that even if you manage to force your way through with a character you aren’t happy with, you can change your appearance at any time in Dauntless with a simple trip to the mirror in the Ramsgate hub world.

Phoenix Labs keep a list of all the bugs they’re currently working on for the current build of Dauntless, so be sure to check it if there are any other issues you’re facing. If you’re concerned the servers have gone down, you can also check their status at any time right here.

There might not be an immediate fix available for those of us stuck on an infinite loading screen after character creation in Dauntless, but it shouldn’t be long before all Slayers are able to jump into Hunts and Pursuits without any trouble. If you are just starting out in Dauntless, you should definitely check out our beginners guide, as well as tips on how to Stagger and Interrupt Behemoths.

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